Newly diagnose /confused


I was diagnosed at the beginning of July, I first noticed symptoms in Nov/Dec last year and kept getting told it was my age, (70) It started with trembling in my little finger of my right hand and progressed to all of my hand arm right side of my upper lip and right leg and foot, I then became aware that my writing was getting smaller until I was unable to do joined up writing at all as it was completely illegible , I finally managed to get an appointment with a neurologist who diagnosed PD and put me on Madopar unfortunately I was unable to tolerate it and he is changing me to Sinemet but I have to be off the Madopar for a month before I can start it. in the past couple of weeks my tremors have got worse I am experiencing them al over my body at times  especially when I get up from resting I also get the cramps in my calf muscles in the morning,.my voice has changed sometimes hoarse and my husband says he often can' t hear me its so quiet I have lost my sense of taste and also despite being hungry all the time have been losing weight.all that I could probably cope with if it wasn't for the loss of strength and lack of energy.

I don't see the consultant again until 1st Sept. and can't start the new meds until the last week in August is there anything I can do to help myself while I am waiting. any help or advice would be much appreciated.


Hi i find that i have to listen to my body and  when my energy levels are really low I rest.  Don't be too harsh on yourself whilst you are waiting for your meds.  I hope you tolerate your new meds well, they will help with most if not all of your symptoms. 


Thanks for that I know you are right,I need to listen to what my body is telling me, trouble is I have been so determined it wasn't going to beat me I tried to do too much but you and other people on this forum made me sit up and realise, pushing myself to hard is not the answer.

C x

JuJu is right listen to your body in the meantime just keep yourself as warm and as comfortable as possible at the end of the day this is not going to go away.

I would also recommend you learn as much as you can possibly bear to learn with regards to your condition that way you know where you're going to be heading.

Best wishes and good luck to you BB xx

Thanks Bettyblue,

I think in the beginning I didn't want to believe the diagnosis, so was fighting the symptoms somewhat but since finding the lovely people on this forum and listening to all their very sensible advise, I am feeling somewhat better and doing more things now that I have learnt the art of listening to my body and knowing when enough is enough.

Thanks for your good wishes.   L xx

You're welcome my lovely xx

Dear Clemmo

you are on a journey  (  PD ) Ĺ·our sat nav is your neuro you don't need to learn an atlas from end to end as there is so many roads that you may never be on , and we only use a sat nav when we have to .  And like any journey when you ask the public for directions they don't always know what they are talking about as they are not on the same road as you , hope you find a good sat nav . I wish you good luck in all you do  all the very best  Lord o the highlands 


Thanks Ian 

Message received and understood  C xx