Newly diagnosed - a daughter's plea

My Mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in May 2021. Six months before that she was absolutely fine and going on long dog walks with me! So to say that the diagnosis has been a shock is a huge understatement. Whilst dealing with the grief of her diagnosis, I am struggling to find the right help for her. She is a widow and lives on her own in a big house with a lot of stairs. It took a long time to see a consultant - an extremely long time to see a Parkinson’s nurse (who was fabulous but we can only see her once a year!) and we are still waiting for Physio - my mother is having private physio once a fortnight - but at £95 a pop isn’t really sustainable long term. I am looking around for some sort of care for her - somebody who could come in for maybe 3 hours twice a week and help her with jobs around the house and maybe take her out as she is very isolated. But the agencies i have found seem to charge over £1000 agency fees??! Surely there must be some way to find good care that doesn’t include horrendous agency fees? She lives in Surrey - does anybody have any advice as to who can help? Apart from struggling physically with the demands of the house, I know it will help my mother mentally as she feels so anxious and alone.

Hello Leroina
Has your mum had a social services asssessment they should be able to sort out a package of care. It is probably means tested so can’t guarantee she won’t have to pay a contribution but I’d be surprised ìf it were the sorts of figures you have quoted. If you are a carer for your Mum you can also request a carers assessment.

Hello Leroina,

Just a thought and probably a crazy one, but would your mum’s house be able to accommodate (maybe self-contained) a lodger?

We have done this in the past (also having a big house with lots of stairs) and used There is a huge variety of people looking for accommodation, sometimes relating to training or work, and you could well find someone ‘suitable’ .

Just an idea - if a daft one.

I hope you find a solution for your mum.

Best wishes,


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My mum moved to an apartment in a retirement village where she has lots of company, activities and no worry about maintenance of a house. It’s kept her out of a nursing home as there are care calls me she can pay for and in house cleaners at an extra cost
But she sold her unmanageable house and downsized and it’s been a game changer for her …. And me as her principal carer, as she’s now local and has no worries about affording care in her own apartment. All her money was tied up in her property, It was a brave move at 80 but she’s now 86 and still going with Parkinson’s 14 years after diagnosis

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Good for her. A very creative solution

Hi Leroinia,
I know Surrey is an expensive part of the country but those fees seem extraordinarily high… I’ve worked as a Carer for many years both in the community and in nursing homes. On average a care agency would charge around £25ph paying the Carer anything between £10- £15ph.
Age UK in Surrey would be a good place to start. Good Luck