Newly diagnosed - aching joints

Not every day but Go to work hit tiredness wall about 1-2 o'clock as if all energy has drained out of me
Ankles knees hips and leg muscles ache
Started rasagiline only last Friday
Is this a usual
Hi Politino & welcome

Fatigue is a pretty common effect of Parkinson's. Joint or muscle pain are too but if you are recently diagnosed it is probably too early to be certain if they are Parkinson's related.

Others may have a better idea.

You will find this forum full of friendly people with experience of most challenges that Parkinson's can throw at us. I hope you find this place as supportive as I have done

Elegant Fowl
Hello Politino

Just noticed the date on your post -- how come we all missed you? Sorry about that. How are you getting on now? Did the tiredness start after you began the meds or before? It's wierd but some of the meds seem to cause parky type symptoms in some people. You may just need time to settle with the meds or you may need something different.
hi ya welcome to puk forum,ive had pd for 12 years now,im only 43 so was dx at a early age afraid sore limbs and muscles,joints come with parkinsons,i hate saying this to a new member but i think they rather here the truth than a lie to make erm feel beter.all i can say is that exercise is a good key to do when having pd,to try and keep the joints alittle more pd progresses and your put on various meds,it best to read the fine print carefully,or ask the helpline here on puk about the different side effects to those meds,cus sometimes the effects can make your pd feel alot more worse than it should be on certain meds.resurch is a huge thing to me,finding out wots best to suit me,and i surgest that to yourself and others,here on puk forum many folk here to help you along ,and give you surport,as well as the helpline of course.i hope to see more of you around,and good luck with everything x:smile:
pd => muscle tightness => body out of alignment => stress on joints, tendons =>aches and pains

answer = drugs + stretching
Many thanks for all your replies have a pd nurse coming to see me tomorrow so hopefully might have a clearer understanding about it all
Hi PDUK people I'm in Silver Spring MD right outside of Washington DC. I was diagnosed with PD in January 2010 and am doing pretty well although recently I've really been feeling the stiffness and become easily overwhelmed at work. Boohoo, I've managed to keep this boogeyman at the door for all this time but the honeymoon period may be ending.....

I'm 58 years old, am married, no kids, and have a basset hound mix puppy who is 10 months old and is the treasure of my life. Poco the cat is 14 years old and is still grudgingly accepting of this beautiful creature. i have a large extended family in Louisiana and hub's extended family is local. i work for the United States government as a supervisor in a wonderful office where I can telework 3 days a week from home.

I am a member of the Patients Like Me Forum and found you yesterday when I was looking up work issues. I've been thinking of demoting myself to a non supervisory role but don't want to lose the money, about $900 per month after taxes. I somehow think that working for myself only, without worrying about others' performance, and telecommuting 4 days a week instead of 3, will be a magical fix but I could probably work out a deal to read my email once every 3 hours and have flexible work hours with liberal leave policies , and keep the job I have.

Any comments? Much appreciative. Off to work out. I think I just saw a mouse but it may have been a hallucination.
Hello and welcome to the forum Maybelle. it certainly sounds like you have the work situation sorted out regarding managing your pd. If only all employers were as sympathetic and accommodating, mine certainly wasn't.

I'm afraid that your honeymoon period may be over if your beginning to feel the dreaded muscle pain n stiffness, its unfortunately just one of the many other dubious side effects of PD.

It certainly sounds like you have your hands full with a 10 month old puppy, I'm sure the cat will come around to the new addition eventually, I have 4 dogs and six cats and they all seem to get along just fine.

Welcome once again and I hope that we can chat sometimes.

hi maybelle welcome to the froum .its nice to hear from some from usa .i am 51 i have five children and a cat ,dog,tortoise,fish and a husband who ilove them all . i had to give up my job as when they told me i had pd i also had 3 other things wrong . i mist my job very much but in stead i paint and do craft work to that just a bit about myself so if you like to talk it would be nice to here from you again .