Newly diagnosed aged 46

Hi all, what can I say about PD, I watched my dad suffer and live with PD until he passed 2 years ago, I noticed in myself my tiny handwriting, gripping things, and arm not swinging when I walked. Went to see neurologist last week who confirmed I have PD and is sending me for MRI and Datscan. I’ve been prescribed sinemet 12.5mg twice a day. I’m feeling positive but nervous about starting the medication

Hello and welcome to the forum, Chez.
We wanted to make sure you were aware of the resources we can provide – along with the amazingly supportive members of our community, from whom you’re certain to hear soon. Have a look, when you can, at our website, where we feature everything from research updates to fundraising opportunities to archived forum discussions. We recommend this page for newly diagnosed PWP, and it’s a great start. We also have a free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303, staffed with knowledgeable and friendly advisers who can basically help you with anything you need, including finding support in your area. We hope we can provide a welcoming and helpful space for you as you learn to live with Parkinson’s, and, again, you will soon see for yourself just how wonderful this community is.
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Hello Chez 75, It must be harder for you after losing your dad but all I can say is keep smiling and keep being positive. Im 48 and was diagnosed feb 2018. What you will learn is talking to people does help and the parkinsons nurses are fabulous. So good luck

Welcome @Chez75 :wave: You probably know more about PD than I do (diagnosed 2019 at 49). I’m sorry that you have got it but know that everybody’s PD journey is different. And I’ve been told that daily exercise helps so I keep busy with cycling, running, badminton and walking - find something that you enjoy doing and do lots of it. Take care

Thank you, I am busy reading all the interesting information

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Are you on medication?

Thank you, there’s lots of information to read and I’m loving the forums

Hi @Chez75 Yes I am on Requip, currently 8mg. It seems to help. My symptoms are minor shaking of right arm, tiny spider handwriting, slight slowness of movement, occasional balance issues, occasional swallowing issues, bit of anxiety. None of which I had 4 years ago pre-PD. :woozy_face:

But I could be a lot worse so I have that to be grateful for.

Hi Chez75, welcome to the forum, as you said you’ve already found your way around, there are some posts, guidance and amazing support on here. Fairly new, coming up to 18months, have gone through the various stages of denial, acceptance and frustration. If I can offer any advice (given to me on here) is to keep a diary, anything and everything goes in it from sleep or the lack of it, mood, weight, struggles with day to day, side effects of meds, it helped when I saw my neuro consultant. I have always been a glass half full, this journey has tested my patience, I have found the frustration of not being able to maintain my norm 150mph everywhere the hardest. Accepting this was probably the the hardest emotion, like pcyc mentioned focus on the +++ do what makes you smile, what makes you happy. I would say focus on the things you can do, I have accepted that there are things I now do differently, and I’m now not too hard on myself. There is a YOPD link on here, Pcyc will know this one too, unsure when the next zoom meet up is but if you’re interested. Unsure if you have found the First Steps Programme this really helped and met some truly wonderful people. Keep posting, stay safe :smile:

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Hi Pcyc, hope you’re well, been a while since we caught up :smile:

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