Newly Diagnosed aircraft engineer


I'm Keith and have been newly diagnosed. 

Been working as an aircraft engineer since I left school, which was a few years ago and I'm determined to keep doing it as long as I can. Currently self employed performing surveys on airliners and such for leasing companies. This entails quite a bit of travel. It was during a trip to the States earlier this year when I noticed that my handwriting was getting smaller and very untidy. At the same time I was having difficulty using the computer mouse; I didn't seem to have enough dexterity in my fingers. I then noticed that my right arm wasn't swinging with the same cadence as my left. So after Googling these "symptoms" they pointed to me having Parkinson's.

I went to see my GP and then a neurologist at Salford Royal who confirmed my thoughts.

My immediate family and friends are all aware now and are being supportive which is great. And I'm continuing to work.

I'd like to engage with the rest of the forum to share experiences and life in general.



Keith :-)


hello Keith welcome to the club we will do what we can to help you through this change in your life, any querys just ask.

Hi Keith

I am also an aerospace engineer, now retired. I worked on avionic systems, particularly flight control. My Neurologist said to me once that he sees a lot of engineers who have developed Parkinsons- and has a slight feeling that we may be slightly more disposed to Parkinsons than others.

Regarding the arm swing, I have the same problem as you. When walking it is sometimes possible for me to "start" my right arm by consciously swinging it, moving my elbow joint not my shoulder. 

Regarding the mouse- again like you I have problems with my right hand- and have actually switched to using my left hand for mouse operation, even though I am right handed.

Welcome to the Parkinsons "fellowship" on the forum.- best regards- Aviator

This is the third go at posting so its brief.  google "steadymouse" - its free to download

Hi Keith


Welcome to the club no one wanted to join but now you are here I am sure you will get a lot out of it. My main symtoms are similar to you no left ran swing and dragging my left foot. I have found this forum really useful for general information and some specifics like what do you tell your insurance company re driving so keep in touch and ask away. If you can make contact with local groups this is also I great source of info. Detail of local contacts are on the PD uk website


Hi Keith

Welcome to the forum


Hello Keith,

I have just been diagnosed, a week ago, but like your noticed something wrong a year ago.

I am in a similar position to you work wise, I work in the Middle East involving travel and in quite a stressful environment.

I too am determined to carry on working for as long as possible, so Good Luck and I wish you well, it would be good to keep in touch, we seem to have some things in common including the PD....:-D

All the Best.