Newly diagnosed and anxious - sleep problems

I got a Parkinsons diagnosis 3 weeks ago and like most people here I’m sure, have found my world turned upside down.
I’m a 68 year old man and was putting my stiff back and wobbly arm down to normal ‘old age’.
I have never been a good sleeper but since the diagnosis I am finding it impossible to get a good night’s sleep and rest.
I’m unsure whether my difficulty sleeping is a symptom of PD or a consequence of increased anxiety.
Have others found their sleep get better once they become more accepting of their PD or am I just going to have to get used to poor sleep?

I’m not diagnosed yet but have never slept well because of stiffness. As soon as I wake up I’m so uncomfortable I have to get up. I have a Garmin smart watch that was always complaining my sleep was terrible (yeah I know thanks Garmin!). I have recently started taking CBD oil at 7pm before bed and I’m sleeping much better. Even my watch keeps telling how impressive my sleep is. I still wake around the same time in a morning and have to get up because I’m so stiff but I do feel better.

Thanks Boyzie
Did you get CBD oil on prescription?
If so was it hard to get?

Hi @Ricks no I got my first lot from Holland and Barrett and my current one from Amazon.

Has anybody else tried CBD oil?
Is it safe for PD sufferers?

Hi Ricks,

Cannabis is legal in South Africa, and at times when I am feeling really stressed, which of course makes the symptoms worse, I have a “joint”. That really does calm me, so yes, CBD oil will help, but obviously it’s not nearly as much fun. :grinning:

Hi my husband was diagnosed at 67 he also has sleep problems. There is a information booklet about Parkinson’s & sleep problems. The Parkinson’s nurse gave them out at the support group we attended. It was very helpful. I made myself a member of Parkinson’s uk & this keeps you informed with useful information. Hope this is helpful