Newly diagnosed and informing the DVLA

My husband was diagnosed with PD in April aged 59. He was advised to inform the DVLA but told not to worry as it was a mere formality and there would be no problem retaining his license as he wasn't even needing medication yet. well, the letter arrived last week informing him that his license had been revoked for 1 year, not due to PD but due to past history of alcohol abuse. To say we are devastated is an understatement. Our hobby is our motorhome and yes I can drive but it is quite large and I'm a bit nervous on narrow roads. I took early retirement so that we could go away for months at a time before he would finally be unable to drive due to PD.  He also has his own part time business which can involve a lot of travelling so it's going to cause problems.

My husband had been to see his  GP in the past for help to reduce his alcohol intake which was heavier than good for his health and was referred for counselling. He has managed to reduce his levels to a more normal intake. He has always been honest with the medical profession. He has never been stopped by the police, never breathlysed, has a clean license etc. He has never drank and driven.

My warning is to anyone - never be totally honest about your alcohol intake as it goes on your records and may be used against you in the future. We have started the long process of appealing but I do not hold out much hope.