Newly diagnosed at 40 yrs young


i turned 40 in April 2015 and was diagnosed with Parkinson's on 21st July 15. I went to see my GP because my thumb and wrist was stiff - that was all. I have a ganglion on that wrist, old gymnastics injury, and thought that just needed removing. Parkinson's never entered my head - why would it I'm only 40. It was a bolt out of the blue to say the least. I'm on madapor and they are working a treat. I'm a fighter and a positive young woman who won't be beaten. I believe what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and Parkinson's isn't going to kill me. Even so it's still taking some getting used to and I still cry myself to sleep some nights or burst into tears in random places - train or supermarket are the top two venues lol! I also think this is one long dream and I might wake up. Hoping to find people of my age going through same to chat to. 

Hi Little Chick


There is a London Area  young onset group.  google plog Parkinsons.  It may not be useful for socialising if you are not near London but it might be encouraging to look at  and see what people get up to in spite of Parkinsons..  Old or young, its a hell of shock if you've been an active  person..  If you contact the helpline above, I believe they can put you in contact with someone with the same experience.  Also look at the "Real; Life Stories top left on the forum home page.  They start with someone aged 28. 

Personally, I think its best to let the tears have their way until you get fed up with them.  When I was diagnosed aged 69, I went home and more or less screamed my head off for the afternoon as it was a bit of a last straw situation

I'll leave it that for now..  If you've looked at the posts, you will have realised that you have come to the right place on the PDUK site for information and support


Best Wishes 


Best Wishes


Thank you - I live in West Yorkshire but will certainly visit the London group on line. 

I might trying the screaming next but not sure it will go down well with the neighbours!!  Looking forward to the day I get fed up of the tears - thank you again for your kind words and replying so quickly 

Hi I was diagnosed at 56 and felt same as you .. It took good 6 months to get my head sorted ! I went to local support group and even though I was youngest there  I found it a great help . They put all my fears and worries into proportion and made me realise life goes on . They're now friends and check I'm ok and even though I'm only one working they always ask how it's going .remember it's a slow process for most people so just take the meds and enjoy life . 

Feel free to message me if want to chat  



Hi Little Chick you kindly responded to my post bit older than you at 61 but happy to share experiences.

What are ur main symtoms at the moment 

mine are difficulty walking and a pain in my upper shoulders 

let's get a grip on this together 

best wishes 



Welcome Little Chick. I can empathise with the crying bit. I can be anywhere and just spontaneously burst into tears. And it's not just a couple of tears running down my cheek, it's a stream and sometimes with sound effects. Like you, I am hoping it will pass.

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Hi scooby

always good to know I m not the only one who randomly bursts into tears. Like you I make noises and it's uncontrollable water falls pouring from my eyes. If people stare I just ignore them because I know I can't stop the tears and been stared at one hurt me.


Hi Little Chick

I have had PD since 2012 and my crying has not stopped! I was a bit of an emotional person before but sorry to say I am now worse, I can cry at the drop of a hat. I also am a lot more anxious than I used to be, and any least loud noise I jump out of my skin. OH is always telling me off when we are watching a film cos I'm always jumping if someone fires a gun even! So I can certainly sympathise with you.........


Hi Little Chick, I am new to the forum - I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago in my mid 30s. I totally empathise with you - Parkinson's never entered my head either. It takes time to get your head round it, I have been feeling very emotional and weepy - especially lately. I have good days and bad days - with both my physical symptoms and how I feel about everything.

Feel free to message me if you want to chat.


Hi Little Chick

Please dont despair.  I was diagnosed at age 42 and that was 13 years ago.  There is life after young diagnosis. Dont give in, a positive attitude really does help.  I know it sounds easy, but trust ,me you can fight this rotten disease.

I have managed to keep working till now and am just applying to retire early as I am getting so tired.  Been on sick leave for some time and never felt better - just to relieve the stress in my life.

Try to relax as often as possible and just blob - it really does help.  I also get very emotional and have my "why me?" moments, but all in all I am still coping and still optimistic.

Keep your chin up, you arent alone.

Hi little chick 

I was diagnosed in 2013 at 42years old and was in complete denial at first and just would not believe it I've have had a look at the young onset groups and have decided not to go as there is none near me . I find support in close friends and family.

hope all goes well