Newly Diagnosed at 50

I was diagnosed last week with PD. I am 50 years old and while i suspected this was the case for the last year it has come as something of a shock. My symptoms so far are a tremor in my right hand, however the Consultant did see smaller tremors in the other places. Everyone says that 50 is very young to be diagnosed but i am not sure that is any comfort at the moment.

While i am not sure it has sunk in yet, i have still found myself asking all sorts of questions - how long will I be able to function in a stressful job, , how will i manage as i live on my own when symptoms get worse? will i be able to keep my dog in the long term? should i make long term financial commitments? should i start looking for a one story house?

I feel the uncertainty of what will happen with PD in long term will stop me living my life. How to people deal with that?

Thanks for reading!

Hi aberdeenloon
I was diagnosed about a year ago I am 72 but they say I have had PD for along time I just kept going on never thought of me having PD thought it was just the process of me getting old, I have the shakes in my right arm and now a little in my left arm, my legs can be very painful at times and i have had a consent pain in my shoulder for about 10 months, I get tired very easily and can not do half the things i used to without taking a break all sound a bit daunting I know, But thinking positive does help I still work in a managerial roll, I walk my dog every day pain or no pain, i still do my gardening every weekend, and still have a social life, It took me a while to get my head around it and the fact that there is not the help I thought I would get out there, I just keep taking the tablets, I know every one is different and have to handle it in there own way, mine is the fact that PD will have to do better than this to stop me, but take care look after yourself and keep positive good luck

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Welcome @aberdeenloon to the club that no one wants to be a member of.
I am 53 and was diagnosed at 49. I reckon it started developing 2 years before that.
Everyone’s PD journey is different. My main symptoms now are low mood, lack of energy and some apathy.
You will get told that doing lots of exercise is key to keep symptoms under control. It seems to work for me. I play 4h of badminton a week and cycle too.
Don’t let PD take over your life. You have PD. It doesn’t have you. There are people that have had PD for 20 years and still lead perfectly functional lives. Hopefully you and I will be following in their footsteps. :blush:

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I was diagnosed at 36 Still going strong stress is one of the bad things that don’t help. But there’s professional people to help you through it had dbs when i started to get worse life changing had 10 years ago my pd was very aggressive tho

I was in your position in 2017 and my cinsultant said keep living your life, take the medication I prescribe. Try notvto worry about what might not happen would be what I would advise to myself (and you) when looking back. Live with Parkinson’s, avoid stress and be happy. Good luck

I understand how you are feeling. It is natural to feel scared/ overwhelmed.

My mum has had Parkinsons for 20 years. She has Stage 5 Parkinsons. My mum had 10 very good years with Parkinsons. She took her medication and you never would have know that she had it. She always appeared super healthy and carried on with her life.

I am 53 and am undiagnosed but suspect that I have it. I know too much about it : /

I once read somewhere about ‘today is your best day’. It sounds shocking initially but when you think about it, it makes you grateful for today and all of the things you are able to do today. I try not to dwell too much into the future/ unknowns but just have a sense of gratitude for today. The best advice from my neurologist so far is to take Vitamin D, eat healthily with plenty of veg and exercise. I cycle and swim. Hopefully, science will catch up soon and there will be more interventions!

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