Newly diagnosed but impatient


Hello, I have had the first week of co-careldopa 12.5mg/50mg which steps up to 10mg/100mg after 2 weeks. So far I have noticed nothing at all, no effect upon symptoms and no side effects either. I have no other vulnerabilities. Is there any risk in going straight for the higher dose after the first week? Anxious to get going!


Hi my hubby (diagnosed 2years ago age 43) had the same dose as you but similarly no great improvement. He has been too ill to work recently and they increased to 125/65 over a 3 week period and he has improved remarkably to the extent that he says he has not felt as well for 2 years. I understand that they don't want to over prescribe but we are of the opinion that life is for living and don't dwell on the future and what might never happen. I would suggest that if you feel that you need more meds then don't be afraid to ask.When the meds didn't work I was concerned that my hubby has a more serious parkinsonian condition but now I think he was never prescribed enough meds.



Hi Stephen R,


Please feel free to give our helpline a ring; our trained advisers (which include Parkinson's nurses) will be happy to talk to you about your medication.

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Ilona (Moderation Team).


Thank you Klou and Ilona. I spoke with the helpline, the lady agreed that I should go straight to the next dose up (10mg/100mg co-careldopa), and I started taking it immediately. This sounds a lot more than your husband's, Klou - double the dose - but I have still not noticed any effects of any kind. You must have been very patient Klou to wait for 3 weeks - or did you notice a difference straight away when going from 50 to 65mg?



Hi Stephen R

   Welcome to the forum ,   Getting your meds right can take some time and what works for one may not work for someone else , afraid it's often a case of time and patience though when you have pd they tend to be in short supply. Lol

   Now down to the important bit is that a G3 or G5 machless on your avitar ? Lol. 

Cant see it to well as the photos a bit small , 

   Live well.  Cc


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Hi Stephen

my hubby takes 3 25/100 per day plus a controlled release at night, the dose was increased gradually and it took 3 weeks before he saw the effects, it does take time and some experimentation for you to find the correct dose I think. Do you work? My hubby has been off ill as he was poorly before the changes to his meds but to be honest I think not having the demands of getting up and doing a days manual work may have resulted in his improvement as well.



Hi CC and thanks for the views.

Its a G3, well spotted. Its in rather special green paintwork for the Dutch Auxiliary Fire Service. Was a nice little bike, but I suppose I shouldn't go too much off topic describing it here. Perhaps we should start a PD bikers' thread. Tell me if you'd like some bigger pics.



Hi Klou,

Thanks for your reply. Why was the dose increased gradually, do you mind me asking? Was it because he was getting side effects? Did he have a hand tremor and has that gone away? I'm on 10/100 Co-careldopa 3x per day now, with no side effects whatsoever, but I think no real benefit either.



Hi Ian, and thanks for the greeting. Nice bike.



Hi Stephen

i think that they increased it gradually because of potential side effects although my hubby has never identified any side effects with any of the medications, he also takes azilect which aims to enhance the effects of the sinemet. My hubby does have a tremor in right arm / hand and this was getting very visible but with the extra meds this has calmed down a great deal, it has taken 18 months to get to this stage, he was diagnosed in Feb 2015, please don't hesitate to ask for any information as we are here to help and support each other



Hi Stephen R

   Iv opened a biker topic in creative corner, will be interesting to see how many there are lol.

  Ride safe. Cc