Newly diagnosed - considering second pregnancy


I was just diagnosed with Parkinson's last week (aged 36) although it wasn't a surprise as my mum also has it and it's been obvious for the last few months my symptoms were developing like hers, so have already been adjusting mentally.

I've got a lovely baby boy who's just turned 1 (also last week, busy week...) and we were originally planning on trying for a second child around this timeframe. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, i.e. needed to decide whether having another child is even a wise idea, and if so, whether to put off starting medication, or go on it and hope it doesn't cause foetal issues?

I've read the PDUK factsheet on pregnancy, which is very general and indicates not enough is known about the effect of the meds to be sure it's safe, and I've read some case studies about pregnant women having medication reduced, but would love to hear from someone who's been through it if possible?

As for whether it's a wise idea, my neurologist said anyone could get hit by a bus the next day, so thoughts of 10 or 20 years time shouldn't put me off having another child. Like the sentiment, but still not sure if it would be a selfish decision or not...


Hello and welcome KittyKat I cannot offer you any advise on the question asked. Maybe some other members will be able to help but I believe this is something you, your Husband, family and doctor will have to talk through the fors and against. From your post you sound a warm hearted soul who would love to bare more children so I sincerely hope you get your questions answered.

Much love
Radz x

Hi Kittykat

I think it is a very personal decision to you and your husband.

I probably did have Parkinsons when I was pregnant with my second child although I didnt know it. I first showed symptoms 2.5 years later. I have to say I think I would still have gone ahead knowing all that I know now. My Parkinsons seems very slow moving and I am not yet on medication. My second child is an absolute joy.

Wishing you all the best in the future.

Thanks, both. I did have a follow-up appointment with a specialist last week who recommended I start on Rasagiline straight away and have genetic testing, which he'd organise, before thinking about a second child.

Been feeling extremely tired and having a constant feeling of needing the loo the last couple of weeks, so was feeling a bit down that the Parkinson's was getting worse already, but then discovered over the weekend that I'm in fact pregnant!! Talk about a roller-coaster few weeks.

So that's that decision now even keener to hear from anyone who's gone through a pregnancy and how they coped!

Hi KittyKat,

Congratulations! That's really wonderful news.

Not sure if you've seen these already but we have an information sheets that might be helpful to you:

Pregnancy and Parkinson's:

I'm also sending you copies of two recent article in the Parkinson by email.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much! I managed to download the articles you sent before the actual e-mail mysteriously deleted itself from my Junk mailbox, so wasn't able to reply to the mail itself. I think those case studies give a good insight into other people facing the same decision, and prove that it is possible to continue having a family; very positive.

Congratulations Kittykat.......delighted to hear your good news. I hope the next months go easy for you.
Radz x

I was diagnosed at 38 - am now 42 and had my first child at 41 - I am now a single mum to a beautiful little girl who rocks my world - through my pregnancy I was advised ill advisedly to carry on with my meds but in my pregnancy I was symptom free - huge though! I hadn't planned on having kids - it was an accident of massive proportions and altered my life completely - for the most part most wonderfully and no matter how hard things are I wouldn't change anything. My parky has without doubt plummeted and I am hoping to fight back again! But my meds prevented me from lactating and no-one told me - anyway I just wanted to say - go for it you never regret things you've done as they become part of your rich life tapestry but you might regret the things you don't do...xx

Hi Ezinda/KittyKat

I know your posts on pregnancy were some time ago but if you still have them could one of you please send me the articles you mentioned as I am haven't managed to find much information on pregnancy and Parkinson's at all. I was diagnosed at 36 and am now 38, I take stalevo, amantadine and azilect so would have to come off my medication.

many thanks

Hi Sam28,

I've sent you the documents by email.

I hope it helps.