Newly diagnosed. Does it get better with medication

Just been confirmed with PD after years of mis diagnosis.
Would love to think I can feel better than I do now for a while. Will this happen or will medication just hold things back for a while


Sorry to hear that you have had years of mis-diagnosis and hope you will soon be feeling better. For me the medication removed the symptoms ( a tremor) and it hasn’t come back, so here’s hoping you will be as lucky.
Best wishs

I have to say I’m not sure
I have a lot of symptoms.
Not much has changed. Certainly not the miracle my neurologist suggested would

It really depends on how far advanced your PD is and how fast it is progressing as well as what symptoms you have. After I first began to display noticeable symptoms in 2009 (age 48) I had no idea what was actually wrong as I just had minor problems and “bad” days. It really hit in 2014 and I was diagnosed quickly after that. I did not need much medication at first but PD has gradually had increasing effects and the types and amounts of medication have slowly had to increase. My biggest problem is fatigue and no medication does anything for that. The tremor and involuntary movement are fairly manageable with medication for now.

So, no, the medication simply manages the symptoms and buys time although it should improve things for a while. It will help but be careful of possible side effects.

Don’t take this as a negative inevitability. Being positive and focusing on what you can do really helps, at least for me.


Hi HP,
I was diagnosed over 6 years ago and knew a difference as soon as I started on Madopar.
This helped me greatly ,I had no side effects,now I am stiffer and slower but can still get about.
Hope this info helps.AnneD

I was diagnosed finally in March this year, was put straight onto Sinemet 4 times a day. I hardly have any tremor now, unless I get agitated.

My worse symptoms so far are balance and feeling weary. I tend to try and do almost as much as I used to but with lots of rests in between.

Oh and sometimes in the morning my arms and legs feel very heavy.

When I got up this morning I felt fine, tricked into thinking there was nothing wrong with me and then I suddenly turned and nearly lost my balance. PD had 'reared its ugly head '.

Hello HP
It is difficult to answer your question because as you will hear constantly, Parkinson’s is very individual. Hopefully you will have a good relationship with your consultant/specialist nurse because medication for symptom control is the main method of managing the condition and it is good if you are able to work in partnership with your team because whatever meds you are on will need tweaking from time to time - apologies for overlong sentence! It is worth noting that not all drugs suit everyone so if yours are not successfully managing your symptoms discuss it with your consultant as there may be alternatives available. Ask questions and gather information at a pace you can cope with, you don’t have to do it all at once, give yourself time to adjust. I really do hope that you find your meds work for you and that you start to feel a bit better soon. Let us know how you are getting on.

Thank you x

Thank you x