Newly diagnosed emotions

Hi everyone. I am 68 and I have just been diagnosed about three weeks ago. I had a good idea that I had Parkinsons and actually was relieved to have it confirmed. I knew something neurological was going on and the diagnosis could have been so much worse. Yet I still feel quite angry and worried about my future, but I have really good support from my children and my husband.
I have made a decision to be very positive and try hard to to do as much as possible to help myself. I have increased my exercise to 10,000 steps a day ( two hip replacements and a knee on it way to needing a replacement, allowing). I really would like to go swimming but it’s hard at the moment with COVID 19. I have started sinemet and am about to have my dose increased. Small improvement in dexterity but my gait and stance still odd haha.
I feel I have a lot to learn and am now looking to see if there are any support groups local to me - I live near Morpeth, Northumberland.
I think I know what I am facing in as much as any of us do. It’s a funny life but I have to make the best of it. There are so many people much worse off so in a way I feel lucky.

Hi @Sooki and welcome to the forum :wave:

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. It sounds like you have great support from your husband and children and well done for keeping active even with your hip and knee troubles.

We’re so glad you’ve come to the forum to share your experiences and please remember if you ever need more support or advice, even if it’s a small thing, you can chat to our advisers on 0808 800 0303 or by emailing [email protected].

You can find your local group and more using our local support tool. Although our in-person events and activities are still suspended, we are monitoring the guidance and will be sharing updated advice for face-to-face meetings and activities by Monday 31 August.

Warm regards,
Katie, Parkinson’s UK moderation team

Welcome Sooki,
Like you I had suspicions for a long time, my eldest Son was positive for ages. Still came as a shock though.
You definitely have the right attitude, keep as fit as you can both and mentally. I just have the shakes, I believe I am lucky so many others have it so much worse although my whole left side shakes and my jaw never stops moving. M husband said I should change careers and become a cocktail waitress!
I also consider myself very fortunate to have the support of wonderful husband and three amazing children. That said there is only so much they can understand hence my joining this forum and attending local support groups.
I do hope you have one near you which I believe is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, my daughter got Married in Alnwick in February. We live four and a half hours away!
Take care and please get in touch if you ever need a chat.


Thank. All a bit scary. I’ll look at your support group tool. Thank you


Hello Sooki

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Good you are keeping positive, its hard though isnt it although Its my hubby who has PD, he had just retired at age 65, 6 years ago. Intially he wasnt to keen on any support groups but before lockdown we did start going. If you use facebook theres a few forums on there, but know not everyone uses FB. We were also going to a exercise group, especially for PD sufferers, miss going to this. When things get more up & running you should hopefully be able to find groups near to you.

All the best

Thank you Annie. It is helping to see I’m not alone with this disease. I’m lucky so far in terms of shakes, tiny bit in my right leg. However I do walk funny. I’m try to see the funny side and say I’m practicing for The Ministry of Funny Walks. I also slur a little and everyone asks me to ‘speak up’.
What I dread is having the parkinsonian blank face. I’m naturally a happy smiley person so may end up wearing a badge saying “ I’m smiling inside”.
I will make contact with local support group if we ever get back to normal. Thanks again for connecting with me. Take care and carry on coping x

Thank you for connecting Shiela. I will look on Facebook thanks. I am going to join the weekly exercise group in our village but will be looking for more once things get better in this mad world. Good idea to start a group, good luck with that. I’m currently I
Slowly increasing my sinemet to see if I get any further improvements. Already have a small improvement in dexterity but hope I can sort out my shuffle a bit. Great to be in touch, thanks again

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