Newly diagnosed family member

Hi everyone, one of my close family has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease so I have joined the forum to gain insight on how I can support them, the rest of my family and understand more about the disease. We are at the start of the treatment and management plan and being able to read the experiences of others and the support network available is reassuring.

Hi and welcome to the forum, @SarahLC1. How lucky is your family member to have your support like this. You’ll find our members friendly and helpful and they’ll be happy to chat to you about their own experiences as People with Parkinson’s and as carers.

You’ll find lots of information on our website about treatment and management of Parkinson’s. As well you’ll be interested in our page about caring for someone with Parkinson’s. It’s very important to understand more, as you say, but equally important to know what to expect as a carer and how to take care of yourself.

Very best wishes,
Forum Moderation Team