Newly diagnosed pd

What a cure for Parkinson's would mean?

I am a 29 year old,registered staff nurse,been diagnosed now since June 2011,however I had symptoms since May 2010,but my neurologist at the time said it was all psychological.

A cure for Parkinson's for me would mean,a more stable lifestyle,to enjoy with my family,and be able to have the energy and coordination to interact with my two children ,aged 2 and 7.

It would also mean that I could develop my professional career as a nurse.Since been diagnosed I have expressed an interest in becoming a Parkinson nurse specialist,so I can offer support and guidance for patients with Parkinson's,and relate to their symptoms and frustrations.

I feel it is good to let people know you don't have to be over 50 years old to have Parkinson's as it affects one in 20 people under the age of 40.I think publicity would help people understand the signs and symptoms of Parkinson's albeit young or old
Dear Slikerlane,

I sincerely hope that you are successful in gaining a position as a Parkinson's Specialist Nurse. Imagine, being able to talk to a professional who has actually walked the walk .
I wish you all the best
Hi Slikerlane and welcome to the Forum.

It must be completely exhausting looking after your two little ones in addition to carrying out such a rewarding but stressful job - I am full of admiration. I have two grandchildren of similar age and know how demanding they can be particularly during school holidays,

I do hope you succeed in becoming a Parkinson NUrse - how wonderful to have someone with complete empathy.

Best wishes.
I have een on this journey for 15 years and all this time I hve been looking and researching information about PD. The most illuminating books I have found up to now (two, free to downlosd)can be found following the link. Since you are newly diagosed I recommend you read these books. I wish I had access to this information before I started with full meds. We are both on the medical/science side regarding our professions so just like me you can look with a critical eye at this compilation of evidence regarding Parkinson's disease. I personally couldn't see any flaw on the reasoning, there are no false claims made and there is no material interest since they are free. They will give you a perspective of PD to which allopathic medicine is totally blind.
All the best for the future
Hi Quimera
I too would be interested to know what people think of this. I have read both books and they seem to be very intelligently written and so convincing ... at least I think if it was me who had pd I'd be hot on it... Why not!? However it is not me it is my dear husband and he has not read them being daunted by 690 pages and the repetitive style.

What do you think of the less scientific Howard Schifke and Bianca is Parkinson's free. Hey I just realised you pasted a link. Let me get back to that favourite songs thread.