Newly Diagnosed Qustion About Tremor Types

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum, diagnosed at 47 after shoulder problems and no arm swing, like many on here.

I have a question about tremor, my resting tremor seems very minor, it gets worse after strenuous activity. I notice a tremor most when I’m trying to do things, an example would be slicing cheese and placing it on a piece of bread, my hands are all over the place during this action, but if I hold my hands out they appear steady. I thought Parkinsons tremor was worse at rest.


Hi there
Every pérson with parkinsons is different.


Hi JonJoe,

A warm welcome to the forum.

We have an extensive amount of information on the different types of tremor on the Parkinson’s UK website that you may find useful/. You can find this information here,

I would also recommend that you raise this with your GP or Parkinson’s specialist so they can look into the most effective medication for your symptoms. If you give our helpline desk a call, one of our advisers can offer you more support on this and can arrange for a Parkinson’s nurse to contact you. Please give them a call on 0808 800 0303 or email them at [email protected].

Do keep us posted on this and I hope you find the information above useful.

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JonJoe, it could be that your resting tremor is the Parkinsons but when you have to focus on doing something could be Dystonic Tremor, this is what I have and i’ve got a DBS fitted !! Speak to your Neurologist or even Parkinsons Nurse if you have one in your area, I have found that both have been very helpful.


JonJoe, further to my previous post, in my late teens I developed what was then called nerves but later in life was diagnosed as Essential Tremor, this in turn became a Dystonic Tremor. What triggered Parkinsons ? A Hernea operation, just like flipping a light switch, I had changed in the way I walked, held my arm. My consultant wouldn’t have it that I had TWO tremors and poo, pooed it saying it was part of Parkinsons but after the DBS operation the proof of the pudding was there for all to see. The Parkinsons tremor was being controlled but the Dystonic was still there. Leaving the consultant red faced, that will teach him in future to listen to what the patient is telling them. If I want the Dystonic tremor sorting it would mean going for another 7 hour operation which I don’t particularly fancy but I live my life within my means and cope the best I can. Recently I had my battery changed as the first one was getting towards the end of its 5 year life. The new battery is controlled by i pod and yesterday I had an after operation catch up with my Neurologist who has now provided me with a User Guide for it, all 89 pages !! In truth I will probably only need to read about 6 of them for the information I require !!


Hi Les,

The trigger for Parkinsons is an interesting point, I was involved in a car accident 13 years ago, I was hit from behind at 30mph, whiplash and severe headaches for 6 weeks. I started experiencing muscle cramps, brain fog and fatigue soon after, so much so I was sent to 3 neurologists but none diagnosed anything. Now 13 years on I have Parkinsons at 47.



Triggers for Parkinsons can be anything and sometimes the most stupid. We are all different on here but are here to help one another anyway we can. This is what I love about this Forum, there is always someone who is able to respond to a post.