Newly diagnosed - Teacher

I was diagnosed on 1st June 2017. It was actually a huge relief to get a diagnosis but now the hard work begins. I've been put on a drug called Clarium. This drug is not available in the U.K , but I live in Continental Europe. I am suffering from bad pain under the skin which flares up when the drugs wear off. I am back at work on a phased return as a teacher. I would be really interest hearing from any teachers who are still working or from ex teachers who have had to retire early. I could do with knowing how to apply for retirement on Ill health grounds as, although I want to keep working as long as possible,this will be part of my long term plan.







Hi Jim,

Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to meet other people and share tips and advice. I'm Joanne, one of the team here at Parkinson's UK, and happy to help with any questions about the forum. 

We also have a free Helpline service, and our advisers can help with employment questions. They are at [email protected]

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Hi Jim

I have Parkinson’s and I still teach. Happy to chat.


Hi Jim
I went in as normal after diagnosis and fell apart a week later. It’s been good for me to take a few weeks off to settle in to a new normal. I’ve also had the 6 week break which has been guilt free. I’ve very rarely been off work but always feel guilty if I am. My work have been amazing and am going to start back on a phased return and see how I get on. I’ve looked into Ill health retirement but not ready to throw towel in without giving it a try. Honestly, I have no idea how I’m going to get on but at least I’ll give it a go.
Ill health retirement is offered in UK on 2 phases. Phase 1 is that you can’t teach but can do another job and they calculate pension and lump sum based on how long taught.
Phase 2 is that you can no longer work at all. On this one you get phase 1 sum plus an enhanced amount based on how much you would of earned up to retirement age. Info on teachers pensions website but not sure what system you will follow teaching outside U.K.