Newly diagnosed two weeks ago

I'm 52, schizophrenic and have had activity  tremors for about seven years.  Everyone (myself included) thought they were caused by an old medication I was on for my schizophrenia years ago (risperidone) but after being referred to Parkinson's consultant and having MRI and DATscan it has been confirmed as Parkinson's.

While being diagnosed with Parkinson's has depressed me, the relief from tremor, slowness and general weakness on my left side with new med's I was put on a week ago, sinemet 62.5mg twice a day has shown me that being diagnosed has helped me.  I presume my current dose is introductory and it should be increased soon although not by much as I'm finding this dose is so effective!

Mind you, just my luck to get an illness that is even more complex than schizophrenia!  lol

Just wanted to say hello and to apologise in advance for any wrong words as Dragon dictation does not seem to like the Geordie accent.



Hi surfer

Glad diagnosis has helped knowing and yes 62.5 is a gentle starting dose increased gradually to suit you personally usually so it covers seamless the time span of the day, not by much if your happy with the results so far . PD does seem complex but there is plenty of info so we can recognise and make choices to counter it.