Newly diagnosed with parkinsons

when you are dx it can be a shock to the system ,please tell us when you was dx and how you are managing with the news of your dx,who you told first:smile:
i can only tell you about how my dad responed. we had noticed a temor in his hand for some time and due to his ill health we had mentioned it to various doctors on admission to hospital. we kept asking dad to speak to his gp but he refused. he eventually agreed and having spoken to the gp he explained to dad that the chances were that he had parkinsons. dad did not seem too worried at this stage so when i went to see the specialist with him i was a litle taken aback by his reaction to the diagnosis. dad is a very proud man and old school so showing emotion is not something he does easily, but when the doc told him he burst into tears. he was very frightned and worried. i felt useless to comfort dad as i did not know a great deal about the condition, i had read up on it but still it was a shock. i think afterward denile kicks in and he did not want to discuss it. the prospect of its progression understandably scared him. we are still dealing with this but since he fell poorly recently due to an unrelated illness his confussion has inceased and we are unsure if this has excellereted the parkinsons.
hiya welcome to the forum ,im ali i bin dx for 10 years im 42:smile:,first of allim sorry about ur dad ,it is a shock to u as u have found out,but u have come to the correct place for surport,this forum has good feed back and surport and good friends,u say ur dad is poorly at the mo and his pd had got worse,ihave also other illnesses ,on goin and yep pd is took down by them to ,unforanally this is wot can happin,when ur dad is strong enough may be he can visit the forum to with u and he can look up some positive thoughts of pd and make some friends ,we try to help as many people as we can ,and u and ur father are very welcome,hope he feels beter soon x:smile:
Here goes Ali. When John was eventually diagnosed it was really no surprise so he just said,"Oh Yes." The neurologist remarked on how calmly he took it and said as much in his feed back letter to the G.P. We were determined not to let worrying about tomorrow ruin today. But then John has always been a positive person. He looks at what he can do and not what he cannot do anymore. Although at the moment he has just finishing his fifth course of strong antibiotics for cellulitus on his leg and has managed to tear two ligaments off his shoulder bone,which is painful, he is still upbeat. I am very lucky to be married to him.
Sorry, tendons, not ligaments, but you get the idea.