Newly diagnosed with pd

Hi my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about a month ago and started medication 2,weeks ago. I am trying to find out if there is a Parkinson nurse in our area and would be grateful to hear off anyone who lives in Telford area in England (tf4). This is all new to us and I want to ensure that he has all the support and advice he needs.Thankyou

Hi kaz sorry to hear your news i was diagnosed early December there are Parkinson’s nurses at most hospitals ime near Dudley not too far from you if you need anything answered just ask there are plenty people on this site to answer your questions ime fairly new too but i will listen

Hello and welcome to the forum. May I suggest you take a look at this

I hope it helps. Anything else you need the forum is always open.
My best wishes to you both.

@Kaz787 Welcome to the Forum, the thing to take on board is that it is not immediately life changing. Your husband needs to carry on his life as it is to the best of his ability. There will be subtle changes in him when you get further down the road but as all the other members will tell you, we are all different and are on our own journey but on here we are very supportive of one another and of new members alike. When you make contact with your PD Nurse, you will find them extremely helpful, it may sound daunting that your husband has Parkinsons but you will adapt when the changes come about. If there is anything you want to know there are plenty of members about who will come to your aid. Good luck with finding your nurse and remember, you’re not alone !!


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