Newly diagnosed

Hi, I was diagnosed very recently with Parkinsons.I am 70 years old and retired.
At the moment I have tremors in my right hand and arm and a slight lack of mobility.
My GP, though helpful, seems reluctant to tell me what kind of problems will arise in the future. I would welcome any 'straight from the shoulder' advice.
Hello Jomo and a warm welcome to the forum. You've certainly come to the right place to start learning about your newly diagnosed condition.

Ive been dx for 12 years now and like you my neuro was not at all helpful with respect to the future with pd, I had to find all that information for myself.

It's very difficult to say what you can expect because we all have different symptoms and usually our drug regimes are tailored on an individual basis, equally we all progress at different rates.

What I would suggest to you is that you read as much as you can about the condition and take from the information just what is relevant to you at this time, bearing in mind that just because a particular symptom is recorded that you may never experience it personally.

I feel that my reply may not have answered your question but I do hope that it goes some way to helping in some small way.

Welcome once again to the forum and I hope to see you around some time.

hiya jomo,love your forum name,im ali by the way,and ive been dx 12 years this november,im 43 years old:smile:welcome to puk forum,there is plenty of advice and surport on this forum,great helpline,and super web site,gives plenty of advice.i also have a tremor jomo,mines in my rite hand and arm,and i also have inner tremors ,both hands and arms and my rite leg,these tremors can not be seen by the knacked eye,but i can deffo feel them goin on.when my meds are wearing off,or if i get very tired my voice becomes slured,sound like im faigue is bad,but i also have other illnesess goin on and am on morphine and other pain killers causeing lot more sleep than normal and aches etc more than the adverage pd sufferer.we are all differnt though jomo like glenchass says,i went to a young on set confrence not to long back,and i would say not one of us was exactly the same with pd symtoms,its a very strange disease jomo,but agin like glenchass recomends is to read up on the puk website,they have lots of information you can download.about things like,constipation,bladder control,medications,falls,dementia with parkinsons,and so on.i guess i could chat all day about pd symtoms jomo,but me fingers would not let me type that much for you.i hope i helped a bit,and i hope to see more of you around the forum:smile:
Hello Jomo,

Welcome to the forum, the first thing I have to say is that because you have just been diagnosed at 70 years of age you and your problems in the future will most likely be very different to someone like my husband who was diagnosed at 39 years of age. The difference between an "early onset person with PD" is quite marked and some doctor's even say it is like two different conditions.
Some of the symptoms are the same but will be less aggressive and slower to progress so do read the forum to get information but please bare this in mind when you read them.
I once had a gentleman ring me up at about your age and asked me the same question, I asked him how active he was and he said "I walk miles and swim several days of the week swimming about 20 lengths I am involved in model boats and sail them and generally keep busy", his question was should he give it all up! I said if he can do all that to keep going for as long as possible and keep PD in it's place, this he has done and managed many more years only recently having to adapt his life. As has already been said everyone is different but my husband say's "if you don't use it you lose it" and he has had pd now for 30 years and his birthday is on Thursday when he will be 69.
Good luck in your journey of life with PD and best wishes
hello jomo
welcome to the pd forum. One thing I can assure you of is that you will get much advice and information here. I agree with the suggestion that you should read up on pd. Remember though that you will not experience many of the mentioned. Everyone is different. I was 69 when I was diagnosed and have had it for five years. The neuro is still experimenting with medication. One neuro question I find difficult to answer is "How is the new medication treating you". Difficult to answer when you do not know how you would be feeling in that point of time if you were still on the old medication. (any other forum member got an answer for that one ? )
Keep thinking positive and as active as possible.

Thanks to all who came up with advice.
It's good to know that there are plenty of others
willing to help people like me over the initial shock of diagnosis.