Newly diagnosed


I’m so thrilled I found this support site. My name is Connie, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last Friday January 26th a 15 month journey. In late October of 2016 my crew and I were racing our sailboat in the final regatta of the season. It was a 4 race regatta and was physically challenging. I noticed that my breathing get was becoming labored and I was getting light headed. In fact I didn’t even recall the last leg in the last race, and when it was over I was stumbling around and couldn’t find my car. I had had open heart surgery in the spring of 2015 and thoughtI was once again having heart issues. After that episode, staggering, loss of balance and shortness of breath was becoming the norm doing routine work on boats. A month or so after the first episode I noticed a slight tremors in my right hand. Eventually the heart doctor confirmed that a valve that was surgically repaired had failed after almost a year of limbo and increased symptoms. In October of 2016 he ordered a MRI and an appointment with a neurologist and now after meeting with him three times I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s this past Friday. I was started on Levendopa and after a few days I’m thrilled to say that some symptoms are easing. Oh the cramps in my legs and hands have improved and my tremors are not as bad. An amazing journey.


welcome to the forum make sure you get to know your local parkinsons nurse as you will find their support invaluable