Newly Diagnosed

Hi Everyone
I’ve just been diagnosed with PD which wasn’t a total surprise, though it’s hit me harder than I thought. However, I generally have a positive attitude to life. I have other medical problems so this just adds to the list.
My biggest worry is how to tell my 22 year old son he’s seen enough of me being poorly I had my first stroke when he was 6 months old.
Any advise on telling both son and other family members would be great.

Hi Judesuk,
It is a shock and difficult to get your head around.
Ive got 3 sons just younger than yours, it wasn’t easy telling them but i try to be honest at all times.
I would get used to the idea of Parkinsons first. (if you ever do) Your son has seen you unwell and may already be aware of your more recent symptoms. It may not be a shock to him.
Just be honest but underline the fact that you will be LIVING with Parkinsons and keep an open line of communication. Good luck

Hello Judesuk, there is no hard and fast way to tell someone you have PD. It just needs the right time and moment, be it when you and your son are alone privately or if you would rather have your son and family member around you and tell them all together so they are able to support you and each other at the same time. The main thing is not to leave it too long, be brave - Sheila

Thank you for your replies.
I will have a chat to my son sooner rather than later
I have told other family members.
Many thank once again