Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone, I have very recently been diagnosed. Prescribed madopar. Started 2/day and will increase gradually to 6 per day. I am 74 and until recently (ish) was a very active hillwalker.
Curious to know your experiences with madopar. How quickly did it have an effect? Did it eradicate symptoms or just reduce them?

Hi @joyd , Welcome to the forum, i’m on Madopar(5 x 250mg), I don’t have side effects having been on it since 2011 but as other members will tell you, we are all different. I find it works well & it does reduce symptoms but not for everyone & would recommend it to anyone who is starting out on their Parkinsons experience. What I will tell you is to not change your lifestyle because of it, if you’re still able to do hill walking then carry on, it will be of benefit to you in the long run as you’re keeping active. A good person to have in your armoury is a Parkinsons Nurse, your GP Surgery should be able to tell you where your nearest one is. They can answer questions that may be you want an answer to without contacting your Neurologists Secretary. Very useful person to know. If you need anymore info don’t hesitate to ask as we’re a friendly bunch on here & will help you anyway we can. Have a good weekend.



Hello joyd, I’m not on Madopar so can’t comment on your particular question but thought I’d stop by to add my welcome to cruise controller’s. The early days after diagnosis can be a strange and bewildering time so don’t hesitate to come back with any queries or concerns you may have - I may even be able to help next time lol!
Best wishes