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I was eventually diagnosed with PD last week after months in fact years of going to GP and asking if my symptoms were Parkinsons Disease as I had helped care for my Grandmother who had Parkinsons. I’m 56 years old and due to PD symptoms tremor right hand, falls, unsteady on my feet, dexterity problems eg unable to put door key in lock, get money out of purse, tiny writing etc I had to leave my Registered Nursing Job after cutting down my hours. I have terrible rigidity, restless legs and severe dull aching pain all over. I don’t sleep well at all and have restless legs. I also have fibromyalgia and am finding dealing with the pain quite difficult. I also feel depressed and anxious i’m afraid to go out alone in case I fall and I am also suffering from urinary incontinence which is embarrassing.

I was prescribed Madopar 50 as soon as I was diagnosed. Not sure what happens next as I feel as though I need help with my mood and pain symptoms.

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We wanted to welcome you to our community forum, where you are certain to meet others who have been where you are now and who will doubtlessly have advice and support to share. We also would point you to this helpful section of our website focusing on the newly diagnosed, as well as our free and confidential helpline, on 0808 800 0303. Please don’t hesitate to make use of these resources, and please feel welcome here among our wise and loving community.
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I am also 56 and have had PD since my teens. This is unconventional, but works for me, I take 50 mg of tramadol at bedtime which relieves the rigidity thus enabling me to sleep. I also find it calming. I took it originally for lower back pain in a higher dose, but find this one small dose helps how I feel overall. Another drug up my sleeve, particularly for the rigidity is baclofen. Both are not PD drugs per se, so you will need a GP who can think out of the box! You may benefit from an anti-depressant, a good one that aids sleep and helps with pain is amitriptyline. I am on sinemet for the PD. However, we are all different and you need to find what works for you.

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