Newly diagnosed


Recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s I’ve has symptom’s for years but in the end it got a little to much for me so had to get it diagnosed, I start my treatment on Saturday so I’m hoping its going to work after a few weeks.
***I wonder if my anxiety will get better along with my mood swings ? ***

Thank you Billy

Hi Billy,
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Hello Billy

I suffer from chronic anxiety especially when talking to people and try to multi task etc.
I have been on medication since June last year but the anxiety is still there.
I have been referred to talking therapy by my GP which does help to give me coping strategies but there are moments where the anxiety is all too consuming and overwhelming.
My movement symptoms have improved with meds but I struggle with the non motor symptoms still. I am seeing a neuropsychiatrist to get to the bottom of it, Sleep seems to be an issue.
The talking therapy (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT) has helped and gives me short term goals to manage my mood and anxiety.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes

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Hi griff81

I started my meds Saturday gone, co-careldopa 12.5mg/50mg three times a day, I’ve already noticed a difference in my mobility and my mood as changed, my anxiety as halved thank god !
just wondering how long does it take to get full effect of meds my consultant says one month is this correct ?

I think anxiety can be one of the worse symptoms of Parkinson’s, it horrible !
thanks to anyone who replies to my post I really do apricated it, i took a bit of a dive when I got my diagnosis but ill never give in, I always want the sun on my face

thank you BILLY

Hello Billy66
Anxiety is an issue for many with Parkinson’s as indeed are mood swings and both can be difficult to manage. You may find both improve when you begin your treatment but more likely you will develop coping strategies along the way. It is difficult to be specific as it depends on you as an individual. For me it was the single most shocking symptom of my Parkinson’s as it just didn’t feel like it was me. I spent most of my working life in pressured or stressful environments and am generally known as someone who copes, so it was not easy to accept this new me.
However that is the reality and over time I came to recognise triggers, the sorts of scenarios likely to cause anxiety and so can plan for them up to a point. I find I have to be careful not to make what I see as a sensible decision to avoid or minimise stress when the truth is it is an excuse not to do something just because I may find it difficult to cope - surely the quickest way to shrink your world and life to something of limited value and worth. The other thing to remember is that no coping strategy comes with a 100% guarantee and if it occasionally lets you down there’s no need to abandon it or think yourself a failure etc something that is very easy to do.
I hope things settle down for you once you are up and running, that you feel better in yourself and that you are better able to manage your mood swings and anxiety.
Best wishes.


Hello Billy
I totally understand your worries about anxiety. For me, this has been a real confidence zapper. Anxiety and fatigue are my worst symptoms. I try to set short term goals every day at the moment as this helps with a sense of achievement. The confidence zapping can be a real issue, so think positive and get out every day if you can. The talking therapy has helped me recognise the triggers, give me strategies to either cope or avoid and set short term goals. At the moment, I have no ability to do my job (which is stressful) as my anxiety is so bad, but my mood is positive as I find small goals around the house to achieve in a short period of time. ie painting a door or a chair (not very physical!). It takes an hour out of the day but I have achieved something and there is little chance of it going wrong. I try to do something every morning so I have a sense of achievement before I get tired and need my daytime sleep.
When going out into the public or on the phone to companies, I try to use a member of my family for mutual support or as an advocate. This helps.
Finally, I have also come to the conclusion that some tasks are just too much and these routines or choices are no longer feasible as they trigger my anxiety (which causes nightmares also) and tremor. It is difficult path and journey but having a sense of achievement each day keeps me going.
I hope this helps.
Take care

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I was diagnosed this week with idopathic parkinsons which the Consultant called benign does anyone heard of this

Hello Patrick1
There are several academic paper but a simple explanation is this
Benign tremulous parkinsonism (BTP) is characterized by a prominent tremor that occurs both at rest and with action in conjunction with other mild features of parkinsonism. The progression of symptoms is typically slow and there is often a positive family history.20 May 2016
I don’t know anything more and haven’t read any of the papers myself but hope this helps you start with something anyway.
PS Idiopathic means of unknown origin and is very common in a Parkinson’s diagnosis

It’s not the benign one associated with tremors as that is very minimal. The consultant has suggested I start on madopar 62.5 3 times day. How long after taking this does the abnormal movements start