Newly diagnosed

Hello to all.
I have been recently diagnosed with suspected Parkinson’s by my GP, and been referred to a Neurologist at our local hospital. No idea when this will be as they all seem to be on strike! I have also been waiting for over a year to see a Dermatologist.
Anyway, got the moaning out of my system now.

We just wanted to welcome you to our forum community. Please have a look around as you’ll find a variety of posts from our members, including humour, art, and wisdom of all kinds, as we have a website loaded with helpful material.

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Hi kinrat, welcome to the forum. Can I suggest while you wait, you get into some exercise? If you do have PD, it is probably the best thing you can do. If your local surgery has links to a Parkinsons practitioner, they may be able to refer you to a warrior or neuro exercise group to get you into relevant exercises. Good luck

Hi kinrat,
Great to meet you.
I’m so sorry to hear that your GP thinks it may be PD, hopefully not.
I’m glad that you have “got the moaning out of your system”, but just remember, moaning can be pretty cathartic , as can shouting & laughing and …
There is not much we can do about it so an occasional " chat with the the wall about it does help, sort of like talking to your kids/significant other about anything who you see is not listening anyway.