Newly diagnosed

Hi guys received my diagnosis today at Royal Cornwall Hospital, even though I knew in my heart what I was going to hear it still shook me and tbh got me tearful. Being a widower who is a full time carer for my disabled daughter I suddenly feel very isolated and somewhat scared. He has prescribed a starter pack of medication which I collect tomorrow from the pharmacy and he thinks I should see an improvement fairly quickly.

Would love to make new friends in here as you guys are the real 'experts'

it is a bit of shock.
don't panic. it's one of the world's slowest progressive diseases.
i presume you have been given requip or a ropinerole equivalent? it will take a while for them to work. you need to look out for obsessive behaviour particularly gambling or sexual.
what disability does your child have ? my son has downs.
there are a lot of interesting new treatments in the pipeline so don't assume anything about the future.
i have been dx 4 1/2 years and the present is much better than i thought it might be.
Hi Turnip my daughter has downs also and some walking problems, but she is a stubborn sod like her dad!

I forget what the treatment is now but I recognised the name of it when he told me! He also warned about gambling etc too!

Hello, Tony, and welcome to the forum --

My diagnosis was 11 years ago, my first symptoms 5 years before that. Thanks to recent advances in research and medications, I am still living the same life I always have, except that I spend a lot more time on exercise (crucial to pwp). I still remember, though, the shock of having my suspicions confirmed. As Turnip said, keep calm and remember that this disease progresses very slowly in most cases. People who don't notice my subtle symptoms find it hard to believe I've had pd for 16 years.

Like you, I have lost my spouse, who had thought he'd be my caregiver. But you may well be as fortunate as many of us have been and not even need a caregiver! Best wishes to you.
Thanks J, I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm noticing people seem to be ignoring me, maybe they don`t know how to react! The meds seem to make me very tired too, hopefully I'll get used to them.
Welcome to a fellow Cornish person. 'Ow you doin' my 'andsome? :wink:I don't live there now but my parents do. I too found the meds made me even more tired than the PD initially in March (Azilect) then Requip xl added in Late April. A month on and I feel like a new woman. Symptoms virtually gone. Hope you get good results too.