Newly Diagnosed

Hi all got my diagnosis of P.D on Friday 4th of November a date that I don't think I'll ever forget. My head is full with all sorts of emotions so I'll most probably have lots of questions to ask. Currently not on any meds as my Neuro wanted to consult with one of his colleague's as to what would be the best treatment for me I see him in another 2 weeks. My symptoms are tremor in my left arm which also doesn't swing when walking, stiffness in my joints and headache. I look forward to talking soon thanks fo listening. Paul.:grin:
Hi Paul, Welcome to forum. I can relate to where you are, my diagnosis was 2 1/2 years ago but I had symptoms now for over 6 years. Been through all the emotional stages you can imagine, and no doubt likely to again, but currently doing very well after 18 months of meds. I'm just telling you that to give you hope as i never dreamt what good meds can do, for now it is good. This is one place to get support, it's good to link in and have a team to support you. I'm a bit younger than you are, and there are many of us 'ypd's. Ask lots of questions, talk at lenght to your doctors, take care, exercise, aim high.
Hi Jo thanks for your kind words of support, It helps to know that I can talk to someome in the same position as myself and I'm glad that I took the step to post on the forum. No doubt I'll have lots of question's to ask in the comming weeks. Thanks again keep well, Paul. :grin:
Hello butcherboy and welcome to the forum.
Coming to terms with the dx of having Parkinsons can take time, we have all been there. So many emotions, Shock, horror, tears, why me and feeling your life is over. In time you learn to adapt, no choice really.

I was dx at 48 and that was 5 years ago now, still working. Like you my tremor is on the left side. Normal everyday tasks like walking are more difficult have to concentrate on what I am doing, as the left arm just hangs at my side, or looks like it is in an invisible sling.
I hope the meds you will be taking will help with the mobility side of things. They certainly have helped me.
take care PB x
Hi PB thanks for your kind welcome to the forum it's reailly comforting to know that I have so many other's to talk to as they have already been where I am at this point in time. I look forward to talking and picking your brain on the forum, keeep well Paul.:grin:
I am 57; 5 years into diagnosis, similar symptoms but no headache thank goodness and managing so far with complementary meds rather than drugs.
At first I put everything that was wrong with me down to PD and kept frightening myself I was getting worse fast. now havw settled down and feel calmer and recognise that some ailments are just temporary normal stuff!

Very best wishes
Hi Sally Mac

I would be interested to know what complimentary meds you are taking, i've been on low dose Sinemet for the past three months and have dropped a tablet this past two weeks as an experiment. As you say, it is easy to panic when symptoms kick in and i remind myself to keep calm and think what may be contributing factors! Although this is not easy and i'm aware i may have to backtrack. :fearful:

Best wishes

Welcome.My husband was diagnosed last year age 60.He has a right arm tremor that has worsened a bit since then.He only takes one Azilect tablet a day which helps his energy levels.He still works but his handwriting has got tiny and he drops things.You will come to terms with it.Lots of people on here to talk to.Very best wishes to you
Than's Peejay for your kind welcome, hope to talk soon. Paul.:grin:
Sorry Peejay that should have said thank's:flushed:. Paul
Hi Paul,

I just wanted to tell you that I really like your moniker!
Hi Karen, When I was young my father had 3 butcher shop's, and after I would sometimes help him. So after awhile other kid's at school would call me even my teacher's. And so even to this day a lot of people still refer to me as. Take care. Paul.:stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry Karen, my last post should read, When I was young my father owned 3 butchers shops. And after school I would help him out. So the other kids at my school would. call me butcherboy including my teachers, so to this day alot of people still refer to me as butcher boy. Finding it hard to type with my tremor. Take care.:flushed:. Paul
Welcome -IM newly diagnosed too and getting my head round it all!
Hi Butcher Boy,

Welcome to the forum.

I`m a newbie to the forum but hav been dx for 2 years.My symptoms are mostly associated with my left side like you i.e. dragging my left leg, my left arm has a mind of its own twitching and hanging or constantly bent and shoulders tense. I also suffer from anxiety and find stress and cold weather makes me worse. I have been on Amantodine & Requip for nearly 2 years and feel its doing some good. You are doing really well not taking any meds but don`t worry if you have to I haven`t suffered too many side effects & if i have they tend to clear up after a few days.

I hope you find this site as comforting as i do, even though i don`t write all the time i often read other blogs. Like you i find typing difficult as my hand jumps on the keys and have had to change my job because of this.

Hope to hear from you again soon and try to be positive it really does help

Big C (Chris) x
Hello and welcome BB. Ive had Pd for 11 years now and I worked full time for 8 years following my dx, I retired on ill health grounds about 4 years ago. You will find plenty of support on the forum and some of us that have been dx for a long time can certainly help you with any questions that you might have,please feel free to ask. I for one have gained so much from being part of the forum, it's been a great support and a font of pd knowledge for me. I hope that you get as much benefit from it.
Hi Big C and glenchass, many thank's for the welcome and words of encouragement, it's nice to know there's somebody hear to talk to, hope to talk soon. Take care, keep well. Paul:grin:
My husband just had another 6 month check up at the hospital.The doctor kept asking if his quality of life was affected.We said not so we came away again with the same prescription of Azilect.We dont know if it helps or not but its only one tablet a day.Our very best wishes to everyone