Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone! I feel a bit strange writing this! But it some ways writing it down makes it more real! I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a few weeks ago! Everything seems to be happening really quick although I have had symptoms for about 4 years! I don't know anyone else with PD it's just nice to share! And ask questions! I have been prescribed Co-Careldopa can anyone share the experience they maybe had on these meds! I just want to feel better 

kind Regards 



Hi Edinburghman,,

i was dx last December although I must have had symptoms for 3 years before this.I suspected that I had Parkinson's and asked my GP for referral.I must say she has been very supportive.

Like you I am on Co-Careldopa which is working for me,it has restored my handwriting and the ability to ignite the oven!This forum is very helpful and I enjoy the banter between a certain Scottish gentleman and his followers it's important not to take ourselves too seriously!

Its not a journey I would have chosen to take and there will be many challenges ahead but take each day as it comes.

Good luck


Thanks Ginny. Where are you from? 


Kind Regards 

Hi Edinburghman,

It's understandable it's strange to write about your diagnosis; it's only been a few weeks. Please be reassured though that you're not alone and there’s lots of help available!

You can read more about the symptoms and living with Parkinson’s in our booklet here:

We also have lots of other publications on our website, one of which is this one: It gives information on Parkinson’s and the support we offer.

Please feel free to ring our helpline (0808 800 0303), where you can speak to our trained advisers (including Parkinson’s nurses) about all aspects of Parkinson’s, including treatments, work and benefits.
Our helpline is open from 9am to 7pm Mondays to Fridays and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

Best wishes,

Ilona (Moderation Team).

Nottingham ,but Lincolnshire originally.

Best Wishes


Morning Ginny! Can I ask if the medication also helped tremor and movement? 

Ps where did summer go? 

Hi I am in Edinburgh too would welcome a chat either here or in person.

I am from Liberton area and have had symptoms of slowness for 2yrs approx. Dx last week and treatment Co-Beneldopa experiencing flushed face and blurred vision . 

Nice to hear from you, feel free to contact me.



Aye aye Dave 45

See you are a box player , my father in law likes the box he plays a button key box he likes it best when he gets a dram as it sounds better then somehow . Are you doing alright ? It's a bit o a dunt when you get dx eh ! We like Edinburgh it's got great history we had a holiday there once , and a wedding at the castle the father in law is also a piper and he got a lot of attention when he played there aye happy days . AV not got the symptoms you have its my walking that's affected aye we are all different though it's all called PD well good luck Dave 

ian ( up near Inverness) och aye 

Hi Ian, thank you talked to me , new to this site , feel lost sometimes , yes Edinburgh is lovely city .

I stayed in Skerray , a village further north for 10 years ,I love north too.

Just started pills , it makes me dizziness and flues , stressed enough , tired , not easy to get my accordion out from the box , still play but not so much though .

Take care 


Thanks for your post mate. You are right its a bit of a dunt. However, I can only say that we must continue on our journey and hope milder symptoms are all we have

I have bouts of flushing of the face and believe this might be the Co-Benyl Dopa.

heaviness of my legs and inability to rise first time from a seat.

Keep in touch and good luck to you!

Dave 45


Aye aye Dave 

only advice I have to give is stay in toutch as much as possible with p nurse , they can do a lot for you and moan about your symptoms in a nice way like to them they can get a lot done for you , and your p advisor for anything else ( benefits. Ect )  ,  I find them 2 of the most helpful people I have for PD , hope your getting on alright just now well as alright as we can be 

tooralooo ian