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I read an article in the Telegraph today about Parkinsons medication that instigates compulsion disorders. It was very interesting reading.

You should be able to see it on-line. The piece was by Paul Kendall.


Yes Lukey I thought it was well written. At least it should help people realise they are not alone.
The PDS helpline will listen and not be. they can also signpost everyone to the right help and support.

0808 800 0303
If they don't know they know a man who does.

kind regards
Hi Lukey and Tina,

I just read it before I signed in here. A good article.
Thsnks for pointing that out. Lukey.

I've informed my solicitor about it - it might help with my court case next week.


Hull Victim,
I hope your case highlights the unacceptably high risk of addictive/compulsive behaviour caused by these meds and wish you luck in your quest.
Good luck with your court case, Hullvictim. I don't know all the ins and outs but I have picked up snippets of information over the last few weeks.