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I read in The Guardian today that some drugs are linked to dementia, and this includes some drugs used for the treatment of Parkinson’s. I take Madopar and Rotigotine. Is it known if either of these drugs might be suspect?

I was worried about this too so did a bit of googling. The report on the BBC says that anticholinergics are the ones to worry about. These are used to treat depression, I believe. I think most Parkinson’s drugs are ok.

Thanks for your reply. I read the reference to anticholinergics but didn’t know quite what that implied. I hope you are right that these are not the usual meds for PD.

Hi Midge and Singing_Gardener

Having done a bit of research my understanding is that anticholinergics used to be prscribed for Parkinsons, but that this is no longer likely to be the case.

It would be really helpful if this sort of report gave a bit more detail instead of causing so much worry to people who already have enough to worry about.

Anyway, it’s good to know we are all looking out for each other.


Hi @Midge,

I thought you’d be interested to know that we’ve recently wrote a news story on this which you can read here, . You can also find information about anticholinergics drugs on the website here, if you wish too.

I hope you find this information useful.

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Thank you, Reah, for that info. I will have a look at the article.

Many thanks.


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Thanks for your response. Yes, it is good to have a support network. Sounds as if my concerns are unfounded, but good to have as much knowledge as possible. Midge

Hi Midge,

You’re welcome. :blush:

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