Next step in medication

Hi All

I Started off on Sinimet plus .and have since been on 5 aday and also 5 entacapone plus 1 rasagaline in the morning. I have seen my Neurologist who does not want to increase my meds until after my back operation. Have lately beeñ wondering what the next step would be and if anyone else is on the same meds as myself for PD.
Ì take a lot of meds each day and you wonder how they knpw what part of the body to fix.

For my back I take 2 300mg pregabalin
Oramorph as and when required
2 60mg Duloxetine

For my RA
6 Sulfasalazine
2 Meloxicam
2 Leflunomide
I proprananol. I also go into hosp 2 times a year for an infusion.

I also have chronic skin condition called Hydrentritis for which I take 1 Lymecycline a day.
Now that have bored you. If you are still
Reading still im not the type of person who moans I just want people to know a bit more about my days and me.
Cheers if you have read this and if not I don’t really care .
Thanks to those of you who have been my friend and hopefully continue to be.
Babs x x x

Hi Babs
I am not on sinimet I am on Madopar I take 5 times a day x 187.5 and 2 cr at night of 125g and also selegine which has been increased to 10mg from 5mg this is a lot of levadopa also forgot 1dispersable first thing in the morning of 62.5 .
I think this is a lot,but gee whiz ,it’s a tiny amount in com parison to yours.
Best wishes Anne

HI Anne
THANKS for reading my post. Hoping this finds you good this cold Monday morning.

Babs x

Hi Babswood - that is a right cocktail of meds you are on!! That’s the trouble when you have more than one thing wrong with you alongside you Parkinsons. As long as they all work and keep you moving that’s the main thing.

See you have a date for your back op at the end of April as well, you have a lot going on haven’t you, so take care and take it all in your stride.

Sheila x

Thanks Sheila for reading my post and your best wishes.

Hope you doing okay.

Not too many speak on here


Do you still speak to Sue?


No Babs, lost contact with Sue, she left the forum. Ian & Smoggie left, Teehee still drops in, Biscuits don’t hear anything from, Suzi2 lovely lady from Nottingham way, don’t hear anything, the way things are going Barbara we’ll still be on here for ever more!!

Keep posting ! Sheila xx :cry::cry::cry:

That’s a pity but it’s their loss. Im sure we will keep in touch on here
Well a frosty start to the day here. Just want all the snow that’s plied up to disappear.
When do you go to Italy Sheila was it in June. We have been to Sorrento twice so beautiful.
I will need to see about hols later on once im back on my feet after op.
Have a good day Sheila I’m going to see my 2 granddaughters today. So looking forward to that

Speak soon x x x

Hi Babswood

Quite fascinated to read your list of medications. I am interested to know over what period of time they have changed. I was diagnosed in January and started on Sinemet plus, 3 a day, and have read about so many people on multiple medications I am wondering what to expect. I see my neurologist again in two weeks so there are many questions for him already.

Sorry to hear of your many problems. I only have one other that I know about, chronic arthritis, but am always wondering how the different meds work together. Any thoughts would be welcome.
Good luck with your back op.


Crikey Babs,

You amaze me. All those tablets and still cheerful. Your disposition and humour are so positive.
You have enough mass of tablets to make a meal.
I’m on Madopar 187.5 5 times day and two 125 Madopar CRs at night. I do vary that somewhat and go along with how I feel at the time but never more than prescribed.
PD specialist wants me to try duodopa but not sure about his procedure as there are mixed reports.

Admiring regards,


Ps, I have very little alcohol because of medication, but if Scotland win the six nations I will be the first to cheer and down a Malt (Large). Great fan of Brian Laidlaw.

Whoops I meant Greg Laidlaw.
Silly Englishman!


Blimey ! What a list of meds and agree with others you are a real fighter.

I am still struggling with this forum and perhaps this thread will make a good contact point for a gossip.

I am the reverse of Jules I have very little medication because of the alcohol. :innocent:

God knows how the decision to adjust medications or not is made. I tend to not keep to set times or dosage as take less if having a ‘good’ day or more when feeling a bit ropey or need to be more active.

I recently stopped taking ropinerole in favour of sinemet plus 25/100 two or 3 times a day with 1mg Rasagline once a day. Seem ok but to be honest would fail the audition for ‘Riverdance’.

It good to keep in touch xx

Nice to have you back Teehee, glad you’ve managed to find your way here :smile: It does get a bit confusing on the forum, but we seem to manage sometimes to meet for a chat somewhere along the line, it’s like playing hide n seek!! Hope you are keeping ok, I’ve just got over a bout of flu. Just out of curiosity - Can anyone tell me why men all seem to get it worse than women? My poor hubby
has had it and I also had to look after him…bless him…love him really

Sheila x

Hi Sheila,

You are right , it is like hide and seek ! Made me laugh, will keep a note of this thread and keep in contact.
Hope you feeling better and over the flu now.

Have you got your outfit yet ? Will be a really fun wedding.


Hi Sheila hope you over the flu.
Did you get your flu jab this year.?

I know men always appear to take it worse than us.

Good to see you back on board tee hee. Did you ever catch up and meet some of the forum people.

Speak later. Was at a wedding reception last night and feel shattered. Thinking of going back to bed. Must have had 1 too many proseccos speak later
Babs x

Hi Jules hope Scotland win and you can have a large malt.

Cheers Babs

Hi Babeswood,
Medication was always something that my mother enjoyed,it wasn’t going to happen to me.
Now I have medication for Parkies,for an unprovoked embolus,however I declined the 5years hormone therapy following breast cancer treatment,which would give me menopausal symptoms.Enough is enough!

HI There

I most definitely do not enjoy taking these meds but without them I would not be able to function. So therefore i take them as I want to be able to walk.and speak to my family.

Take Care and hope you keep well.Babs x

Hi babs and Sheila… co-cardldopa seems to be less effective as it was. 4 a day.25/100. Tremors are starting to get me down… I feel slightly drunk all the time too. No side effects so that’s something…but if this is the gold standard treatment I dread the future. I certainly don’t feel any where near normal. Been dc 2years. Sorry to be so grumpy. Felt like a moan xxx
Rosie xx

Hi Rosie

If you a moan where better to have one.
I dont have the answer but I am a good listener.

I take 5 Sinimet plus . 1 rasagaline and 5 entacapone.
It does not work all the time and I always have one point in the day when I really shake. It’s always at a different time.
I do not work anymore so I feel I’m coping better. I have no pressure now.

Take Care and let us know how you get on.Even if it’s just for a moan ha ha…

Babs x x x

Thank you Babs xx