Next step on what options are available as medical professional doesn't seem bothered

Hi everyone

This is my first post on here, born out of frustration at what to do next for my mum.

To cut a long story short, my elderly mum has had Advanced Parkinson's for several years now, she is really struggling with FOG and associated spine/back issues. She attends appointments every 2 months or so with her medical professional consultant but always leaves down-hearted at what she can do to elevate her FOG issues especially. I don't attend her sessions as I live in a different country but family members are always in attendance.

I have read some on the "path-finder" device but don't really see how it works (does it work?) or how it could help also are there any other similar devices or treadmill physio sessions that can be arranged if required privately? I am getting really frustrated at the seemingly lack of help available and the attitude of her consultant. 

Hence the reason for this post, can someone please give me some advice on what can be done if anything and for once look to the future with some optimism?




My own worst symptom is FOG and generally very slow gait initiation.  My consultant can’t suggest any different medications to help.  I take Madopar. I also have a lot of lower back pain, as I have spinal arthritis. Often I wonder whether it is PD or the back pain that stops me in my tracks.

Whatever, I try to relax, and think of putting one foot forward heel first, and endeavour to take big steps. Sometimes it takes ages to get going again.

Sorry not to be more help.


Hi S

Thanks for the reply. Any information is greatly received and appreciated, hopefully I can have updates on any help medical or physio in the near future and I will pass on to you

Thanks again


Hi ScottishSteve,

Sorry to hear your mum is struggling. We have some information on FOG here:

This includes a few tips and exercises that could help, and cueing techniques to help get moving again.

In terms of physiotherapy we have some information here, including how to find a physiotherapist:

It may also be worth getting in contact with your local Parkinson's group to see if they are doing any group physio sessions:

If you or your mum would like more advice then you can call the helpline on 0808 800 0303 and you'll be able to speak to someone directly. 

Best wishes,

Tom - Digital Team

Thanks Tom

Much appreciated, I will be sure to review data