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I have been diagnosed with PD for 6 years now and I am currently taking 1mg Rasagiline, 12mg Ropinirole and 5x 25/100 Sinemet per day. For a while, I was taking 16mg per day but I had to drop back due to side effects (drowsiness). I now have some (more) tremor back but it’s better than feeling tired.
I am wondering what the next step in medication is? And what are the contra-indications.

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I’m sorry that you haven’t heard from our members as yet, I’m sure you’ll receive some advice from them soon as this is quite a popular topic. If you’d like to read what other members have said in the past on this topic, you might find the following thread helpful: Dosage of ropinirole.

Additionally, we have a lot of information on Ropinirole on our website including an information pack that you can download - you can find this section here: However, I’d advise you to contact your GP or Parkinson’s about your medications to explore your options and to find the right dosage to help manager your symptoms more effectively.

We also have a team of great advisers via our confidential helpline who’d be happy to answer any specific questions that you have, you can reach for free us on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

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I think the reason you’ve had no reply from other members of the forum is that there isn’t an answer to your question. PD is so variable and medications vary so much. It is something to discuss with your PD nurse or neurologist.