NHS Ill health retirement

Hi all,

Anyone taken ill health retirement in the last two years from the NHS and would be happy to Discuss it with me? Finally got to the stage where I need to stop working and get on with the next chapter.

Thank you


I know this is an old post but I have just joined the forum.
I am in the same position now and wonder how you got on and if you have any advice.

Hi Cassidy,

Just seen your post sorry for delay. I am currently waiting for a decision on retirement. I think the key to be honest to yourself. Work is important for so many reasons, but if you can’t do it you can’t do it.

It is very important to speak to your union if you have one. And also look at the resources of PDUK and other disability charities et cetera.

It is a long drawn out process and there is not a great deal of support. Not only is a stressful waiting for decision it is also sad that you are mourning the loss of your career. But as I guess we go through this disease we have to learn to accept each new challenge that it poses for us as in its nature it is debilitating and degenerative.

I’m happy to talk privately just let me know.

Regards forest.

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I took ill health retirement 2 years ago. It took a while but I was fully supported by my managers and occupational health. It was scarey at the time but so glad I did it

I applied for ill health retirement and it was very straightforward. I had a letter from Occupational Health, Movement Disorder Consultant and evidence from my employer stating what help they had given me to stay in my job until then. Reduced hours ,changed work area to be nearer home. The NHS pension adviser in our area filled out the forms with me. It didn’t take long to hear back either.

I was told to emphasise all the time about the unpredictability of the disease and the impact on everyday lif

Hope that gives you some encouragement.

I was working in local government when I was diagnosed. I stayed in my job as a housing officer for two years but it became too much and I applied for early retirement on medical grounds at 58. I was assessed by a doctor working on behalf of the council who concluded that he couldn’t see how I could carry on with my job.and recommended that my application be granted. The appropriate committee approved my request and even enhanced my pension by eight years. I have been so grateful. I assume the NHS operates a similar scheme.
Good luck

Hi everyone,

8 1/2 yrs post diagnosis and just at the point of considering Ill-health retirement. Wondered whether anyone would be interested in sharing their experience of this process, particularly in terms of criteria for Tier 1 or Tier 2.

Thanks in advance

Hi, also considering ill health retirement…I work for a council…what happens if they say now…5 years since I was diagnosed and met my little buddy Parky…

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Hi I’ve been through the process,happy to help/share, PM me with any questions you have :smile: