NHS referral times

does anyone now what the NHS referral times should be? my mum has been referred to a neurologist but the earliest appointment we can get is February! the NHS Direct website says it should be two weeks if you are advanced and 6 weeks if you are in the early stages. The Neurologists' secretary I spoke to says they work to 18 weeks (February is much further away than 18 weeks!). NIghtmare, My mother can't even walk round her flat! I want to know if this is specific to Oxfordshire or a common occurrence, and whether we can complain to anyone. thanks,

If your mother's situation is unacceptable, I would suggest she/you request a private appointment via the GP.

You may be surprised how quickly issues can be resolved.


we tried going private and the consultant was ill on the day, now waiting for a new appointment, aarrgghhh!

Hi Sorry to have to tell you that  situation is not specific to where you live I was talking to a young man this morning who's dad is waiting for his first app. with Neurologist it came through this morning for March. I also went private for my app. in July as there was a 3 month wait.

Hope you get mum some help soon 

C x

Hi Clemmo, thank you for replying. We got to see the consultant yesterday. She told us she's the only one for the county and has 700 patients. Anyway we have our diagnosis now and various things will start to kick in, if slowly, hooray!

Hi Petunia,

That is good news at least you are now in the system, and can start getting the help for mum.

let me know how she progresses 

C xx