An health care professional as decided it’s safe for me to receive a telephone consultation, he many of them did it take to come to that conclusion?. So now I’ve got a telephone consultation with a consultant I’ve never seen or talk to before, what exactly does he no about my condition. It’s an absolute joke it’s like one size fits all, just what are these people doing, because I for one are sick of keep paying there big wages while not getting the treatment I’ve payed into all my working life. And I sick of the excuse of covid I want proper treatment.

Hi I agree with you. We deserve a service. In the past year I have had 1 telephone appointment with my consultant. He was 1 hour and 10 minutes late. Calling me and was on the phone for 5 mins.

I told him I had been in hospital with Parkinson’s Crisis. He had not been informed nor was he concerned.

Every day I suffer more ‘Off’ periods than’On’ and feel totally exhausted most days. Maybe if they experienced the challenge we have to stay positive and active, the services available on the NHS would be different.

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I no how you feel I’m have a lot of down time and no one seem to care, I also got the impression of the consultant last I was on the for an all 5 minutes that he had something better to be doing, I have to manage my own medication and take early now to stop the down time because when it kicks in it can be an hour- hour and half before it kicks back in. But what I’d like to no is what is Parkinson’s and what is addiction to the medication because I don’t believe the so called experts that’s it’s the Parkinson’s, there must be something they can give me so that I can try and come off the medication. All you get is excuses.

I had a consultation on line face to face with my consultant and was very satisfied with it.
and as for what are they doing like you I wondered , but then had an appointment for my second covid jab at five past six on a Saturday night and my GP was still there supervising the whole operation at six thirty on a Saturday night nuff said

Good evening,

Very satisfied with - and grateful for -. support of Specialist Nursing Team up here in County Durham.

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