Nice to be here

Hi everyone I'm parkie chick, I've had Parkinson's for quite a few years now,I'm only 48 now. I've come to the Parkinson's forum because I won't to meet other folk and learn much more of what's ahead of me,I would like to make more parkie friends and careers. My interests are fund raising, planting flower baskets,and just trying so hard to be chatty and happy around


                   Hello Parkie chick

Sorry for not replying sooner to your  post   You  must have thought we were all still in bed, welcome to  this excellent  Forum, whatever your problem  you  will find  help here I have been contributing for over 5yrs  and  love  the  feed  back fun  sadness  joy  cruelty intelligence boyancy  cheek ,sorrow its all here you are  very young for attacks by  BLACKHEART,  but your  personality  is   bubbly this is a great asset when  at  war  with  this  pig of a disease,als a well developed silly  compartment in  the old  brain  box  is  very  valuble as  I  gets  the  hatefull feelings  filter  away  without driving   you into  depression  so  Im  FED4 ,  I have acheived  nmber 4  status through my  lanovo  toplap breaking down on  me 4 times and each  time I had to  update  the  forum  info so I have  gone from Fedexlike,  Fedexlike 2,   3  and  now  4,  but  to  friends  FED4,  I live in Seaton Delaval  NE  UK, with my wife,who  is  my  own personal  angel, im66  but  look  166,,  no im  pulling  your  leg  its  116,  I have  PD ,  PC,,NPS, AND  AGON  EYE  SING,, PROLAPSED DISCS all of these carry massive  stress loads and there are times I think how the  hell  am I not locked in a  padded cell  or  dead, the  answer is  simple family and  friends  and  this  forum,,  have  to  go  dindin


big grinHello  Parkie chick

                      Last night I came across  some older postingsif  you  want  a example of silly  look  up  Feds  Saturns and Ecks moonshot  attempts ,  all off  the  top  of  our  heads and so  funny,,well I  thinkso  and  yah  boo sucks  to  those  who  dont


Hello Parkiechick, 

Welcome. The forum is good for when you need advice or just to see how others are doing. Don't think too far in the future or what may happen to you. We're all different and with you're positive attitude you'll be just fine!