Nicotinamide Riboside

According to this research it turns out that in presence of misfolded proteins (such as alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s disease) there is a NAD depletion in neuron cells which causes the neuron to die. By restoring NAD levels neurons were saved from misfolded proteins.

One of the ways to restore NAD levels in cells is riboside nicotinamide. This is a NAD precursor. In the marketplace this can be bought from ChromaDex and its product is called Niagen. Of course, note that Niagen has never been tested on people with PD, only on animals and cells. And I also don’t know if it will reach the brain.

What is interesting about this research is that the idea of NAD restoration is something that was discovered in the world of anti aging research. One of the main discoveries is that when you grow older, your NAD levels decrease. At age 50 half your NAD levels is 50 % of your NAD level when you were young. NAD has several very important functions in your body. I don’t know all the details but it is linked with allowing your mitochondria to make energy. But more important is that it activates the sirtuins pathways and mimics caloric restriction, which is the one thing that across all species is proven to increase lifespan and health span. These pathways trigger several repair mechanisms in your body. These repair mechanisms clear damaga inside the cells which leads to increased life and health span.

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hope you are all not too bad today. There is some more very interesting information about this stuff, see link

I don’t think this is snake oil. I honestly believe we are reaching the stage where some of these supplements and drugs will make a difference. Another extremely interesting one in my view is Ambroxol, Dr google will tell you all you need to know.