Having reviewed the ‘alternative’ therapies available, I recently decided to try nicotine patches.

I smoked for 30 years from the age of 18 to 48 and gave up in 2000. I was a very light smoker, smoking about half an ounce of tobacco a day in roll-ups.

The 10 mg patch I’ve started using gives me about half as much nicotine as when I was smoking. I had a mild headache for the first couple of days I was wearing a patch, but otherwise no other symptoms.

To my surprise, it does seem to have helped a bit. I tend to get ‘restless legs’ in the evenings, which is a nuisance when all I want to do is sit and watch tv or read a book. That has not been troubling me since I started using the patches.

I’m thinking of also adding co enzyme Q10 to my meds. Has anyone found a benefit from this?

Also, I know a number of users of the forum use cannabis based meds. What benefit do they get from it? And which supplement do they take?

Heli Jane_L, your post reminded me of my late mum who had PD for many years. She had smoked for many years, but stopped for a while in her latter years. Her GP, when she told him, said to continue to smoke as the nicotine reduced her tremor. She restarted and continued happily until her death aged 90 !

Hello. Yes, it’s really cool when you have enough will and strength to quit smoking. But unfortunately I’m only on the way to giving up. I used to smoke cigarettes for 10 years, and now I decided to switch from them to vapes. My friend told me that it’s a good alternative to cigarettes, though you are not so strongly addicted. I tried a lot of vapes, but they were quite expencive and I didn’t like the tastes of them.

I’ve actually stopped using the nicotine patches. It occurred to me that I might be increasing my risk of skin cancer by wearing a patch every day. I was often finding the patches itchy,