NIght time antics

Average night antics

Over the last year my sleep pattern, has somewhat changed! I was always early to bed and early to rise. Slept well and all night. Now I can be awake till the wee hours either writing or preparing e mails for next day delivery.
And by writing, I mean writing memories, snapshots of my life and events, poems, and creating stories for, my littlest granddaughters. I created these little furry creatures, which live in at the bottom of the garden or in woods. and they have lots of adventures. They are based on adventures I had with my grandchildren growing up. So they recognise the places.

Sometimes though…. I am staying awake to avoid the tormentors!
I do not watch or read anything spooky, keeping a positive mind. Listen to gental music, as I fall to sleep. In the hope I can outwit the nightmares! To wake up to the feeling that something or someone is in the room with me. Or even worse for a fleeting terrifying moment seeing someone or shadows move
. Quickly reach for the light. That is not my favourite moment.

It used to be if I could get past midnight I was laughing! Disturbed sleep, only because I needed bathroom, but no night terrors.
But recently I can have had an episode in the night.’ I shouted out so loud I thought I must have woken the whole street!

Once woke to find the cat scratching me. Had claw marks on my arms… In my nightmare I was holding on to someone and I was not let go for dear life. In reality I had my cat in a half nelson! Thankfully, I didn’t hurt him but startled him enough to scratch me and jump off the bed …looking at me confused. I patted the bed for him to jump back on…. He gave me a look of you have got to be kidding and I’ll just curl up here on the floor for now, thank you!
I later woke to find him a sleep next to me and felt exonerated for my misdemeanour earlier in the night.

In between the night terrors, I can be awake up to four times in the night for the bathroom. I try and talk myself out of it and try and go back to sleep. Not a chance, my body lets me just nod off, then says…bathroom!
I’m getting used to the routine now, well I tell myself that. However, as I make my way to bathroom, I find what could be my cat on the landing in my way. I make a conscious effort to Steady myself on to the wall, before I prod it with my foot, just to make sure it is my cat and not a figment of my imagination! It is the cat, phew…. Next hurdle is Stepping over it at 3am in the morning, and not losing my balance is a challenge…. Hey ho….so far so good!
Esme x

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Esme you are not alone in the wee small hours a good percentage of the Parkinson’s population is also awake. I don’t get your nightmare scenarios at least not on the same scale and have long accepted it as my normal routine which, now I no longer work is not a problem. Hence I have seen much of the Tokyo Olympics live!!
Your cat story made me smile. I don’t have cats now but I did and then fostered for almost four years which was brilliant fun. My last cat of my own a glorious black furred gentleman who suited his illustrious name, Byron (the cat rescue centre were using poets names at the time) also experienced one of my early symptoms - I would slowly lean to my right and not notice it very quickly. For some reason he objected loudly when I became aware of the lean rather late and nearly flattened him!! Fortunately he didn’t hold it against me.

Hi @Esme
I had a night mare last night, somebody is coming to attack in our house and I screamed which made my husband to be awake . He asked me, did you make the noise or our little boy. Some times I do have wiered ones like my collaegues are in danger or killed like that and I have text them in the morning to make sure they are ok. This is not happening every night. So I am leaving it as it is at the moment.