Night Time Good Mobility

OK wonder if anyone has or had this at some point.

Wife (mid 40s) is currently waiting diagnosis but looking very likely is early onset PD, all the normal symptoms stiffness, balance, tremor mostly left some right side, face stillness, speech changes, tiredness.

During the day all these are there al the time, but at night, as last night, when waking for the loo, she jumped out of bed, to the loo no mobility issues at all, jumped back in to bed, turning and fidgeting with ease, hands arms moving fine, we had a brief chat and speech was back to as it was months ago, no tremor whatsoever.

Talked to her this morning and she says at night she is often like this and also for the first 5-10 minutes in the morning then all the symptoms come back.




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    Not sure of the definitive answer but I have found that you get the "loose wire effect" when you either switch back on (as your wife is doing) or switch off which results in freezing.  And as PD progresses the impact of switching  on and off becomes more and more extreme. 

This switching on and off can be controlled by the right medication at the right time / frequency, which is where your consultant neurologist comes in.  You should see the consultant every 6 months and  review what medication you are on. As with everything getting the consultant that gels with you is important. Don't be afraid to ask your GP for a second opinion.    Parkinson's UK groups are a . good starting point for canvassing the opinion of fellow PWP and their carers.  You will find  that some people are on  entirely the  wrong medication 


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Thank you for that information. We are off to see the consultant this afternoon, it has only taken 18 weeks from referral!, hoping for some positives and more importantly the start of medication as the symptoms are becoming very debilitating now. I shall be back with questions tomorrow most probably.


PS anyone have experience of Martin Prevett at Southampton General?

I have something similar. If I have important stuff to work out (budget planning etc) best to do it when I wake in the night, around 2am  I seem to make better decisions and make them faster.