Not sure what exactly I am posting for but nice to vent to people who understand. My Mam is 67 and was diagnosed with Parkinsons 10 years ago. The first few years were relatively ok and then 5 years ago she was diagnosed with ovariam cancer. She had a year of chemo, surgery and more chemo and defeated the cancer to the surprise of many people. She lost alot of weight then and went through some tough times with dyskenesias. 3 years ago then she has DBS which was great to be able to get it and she definitely made improvements. Around Christmas she started choking alot and falling backwards and she has a chest infection treated at home with antibiotics. Her swallow was getting so bad she was rapidly losing weight. At start of February this year then she was admitted to hospital with aspiration pneumonia. This is were the real nightmare started as it led to being made NPO, fed through a tube, 2 weeks in ICU on a ventilator, 3 times the family being told she wont make it through the night, weighing less than 6 stone. After 4 nightmare months she finally allowed home in wheelchair, peg fed, only allowed sips of water from a special beaker, doubly incontinent and aged 20 years. She got home and we found our feet with my Dad being an amazing carer dealing with her feed, drugs needing to be grounded down and mixed with water and given through her peg. She begged for food and we took a few chances with icepops and a few things and this led to another hospital stay and sepsis. I dont know how one woman could possibly be put through so much. It frustrates me when I read Parkinsons does not kill you as if my Mam did not have Parkinsons she would not have lost her swallow which has led to this nightmare. Sorry for such a negative post :frowning: