I've been on SInemet 62.5 x11 for 3 years now and PD seems to be almost under control. I also take 30mg AMytriptilene at night and 20mg Citalapram in the morning. I have been getting increasingly bad dreams and REM sleep over the past year. Now I am throwing myself around th bed and screaming - hub finds it very distressing as I don not know I am doing it. Have tried increasing Amytrip to 40 mg but this makes me woozy next day.

ANy advice please (dx 2004 aged 54)

what time do the nightmares happen at? eg going to sleep, middle of the night or early morning? amtrypiline is associated with sleep paralysis nightmares on going to sleep and waking up. either way your neuro may be able to vary your drugs to help.
HI Turnip
The nightmares are usually around 2 am - I go to bed about 10.30 - 11.00 and fall asleep quickly. My hub gets quite scared when I am thrashing around. The amytrip also helps control my bladder at night so I don't really want to reduce that.
Hello Jennyb, I used to have the sort of nightmares that you speak off at that time I took stalevo 5 x per day but I also took a full sinemet CR at bedtime. i would lash out, screaming and punching anything around me, including my hubby. When I mentioned it to my neuro he changed me to half a sinemet and bedtime and ....fingers crossed the dream became less violent. Mention it to your neuro or pd nurse and they might alter some of your meds.

Take care
HI Glenchass
Thanks for the suggestion. My neuro has said that she doesn't want me to go onto Sinemet Slow release because she thinks it will make the REM sleep worse. So I;m stuck between a rock and a hard place! Thanks for the suggestion.
Hi Jennyb

I also have the REM sleep idea myself but apparently have been keeping hubby awake for months..

Neuro has prescribed a sleeping tablet which he said should help. Don't have nightmares, but do have increasingly strange dreams.

Had better take the sleeping pills soon though as hubby was trying to work out why I was crawling round the bed on all fours the other night! :flushed:
I get the nightmares and i m not on any meds. neurons says its the pd. have resorted to separate rooms so we can both sleep.
HI Sallymac and Seabreeze. Separater rooms - I would but he won't !!! He worries that I will fall out of bed and because he's in a deep sleep in the next room he won't know if I've hurt myself. Instead he puts up with disturbed nights and being kicked, pucnhed and screamed at.

Guess I'll have to try to get him to take the sleeping pill instead of me
Alas I cannot offer any suggestion as to escape the horrors we encounter when in
deep sleep, I have tried every sweet in the box and nothing works, however a very
clever Psychologist taught me cbh and I actually use it while embroiled in the terrible situations I find myself in when I should be at rest, and it works, it just shows the power of the mind when it even fights your enemies when you sleep
unfortunately it means my wife cannot sleep with me as on numerous occasions I have struck or kicked out and hurt her, PD is wicked don't you think.

Kindest Regards fedex