Nighttime incontinence

Please can anyone help me. My husband has nightime incontinence, at first it was very infrequent but has been every night these past few days. He has been wearing pull up pants (maxi absorb from Age UK)but I have found these dry and the bed wet. Last night I tried him with pouch pants with two Lille pads inside, The pads this morning were light and dry but the bed and his clothes were wet. We do have a pad on the bed, but cannot understand why the pants are not working. In the past they have. I do try to get him to pull them up properly as he does tend to wear his trousers as hipsters.
Are we just using the wrong products? I have been going for the pull ups to give him some independence. Has anyone found anything that works please?
My hubby was given Trospium tablets by the incontinence nurse (but you do have to be careful with these as some people suffer with bloated bladder and have to go to A & E to be catheretised but so far we have had no problems) along with Petyme which seems to be working as he was having the same problems and going every 15 minutes during the day. He wears pads during the day which help a great deal.
Thanks visionvalue, Seems like another trip to GP then.
An incontinence nurse would give you advice. If you haven't seen one ask your GP to refer you.

With regard to the dry pants/wet bet bed mystery, it could be that your o/h is aware that he needs to pee but forgets that he has the pants on and is in bed and, in a sleepy or half awake state takes his penis out and thinks he is peeing into a toilet. This may sound strange but it is what my husband used to do.

Best of luck.

Thanks worrals, I did wonder if he was doing that. Hubby has the Lewy Body dementia so its not easy to find out what happened. Sometimes he takes the pants off in the night, says he gave them away, or they werent his!
My husband isn't incontinent but has great difficulty getting in and out of bed..

He had a period of needing to pee 5/6 times during the night , it was tiring for both of us . I asked the GP if he could help me , I mentioned that we had a friend with prostate cancer who wore a sheath with a bag and wondered if it might be suitable for my husband . He arranged for the continence nurse to visit us the rest is history . The Gp explained that when you lay down in bed any fluid you collect turns into urine . He put him on water tablets and the nurse taught us how to use the sheath . I have to help my husband deal with it fitting it which isn't a problem at all for me I then attach it to a night bag which in the morning you empty and disgard . I have taken it a step further . I open the tap on the night bag an then make sure the bag is safe in a bowl at the side of the bed .

My husband is now completely dry and I c an go to bed without worrying .

Hope you can understand and follow what I have said ..
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I teasingly say Ok lets get going and sort the plumbing out . lol
Thanks Johnnie, hubby was fine last night but we are going to GP. If we can get that sorted its one less thing to worry about.
hi,i dont wont this to sound off putting but i 6 half years ago had the same thing happing to meself,during the day and nite,i had district nurses visits frequently,i had pads,and pull ups and felt very very embaressed by it the end as time increased the urolisgist i got sent to said i needed a catherter to control my bladder,he said my pelvic wall had collasped and my muscles were very very weak,making me go to the loo all the time i in the end he said i needed a supa pubic catherter,i could of had the other type catherter which goes up your privite bits but he said if your still sexualy active the supapubic was the best one for me.ive had this six years,and it has caused infections along the way ,and some times made me quite ill at times.but least i have the control over me bladder dad had a catherter fittied as well cus a operation he had went rong and made his bladder give up on him ,so no control.i dont no if this is the ideal thing for your hubby,to be sent to see a uroligist to speak with to see wot he surgests is best for him.i hope this has helped a bit x:smile:
Thanks Ali j. Waiting to see GP now, its good to know what works.
Hello Withy Good luck with getting things srted out for your husband . It is such a worry and so tiring wondering how it will be each day or night . Using the sheath has made such a big difference to both of us , it's taken some of the stress away also much cleaner and dryer .
Of yours as you know evryone is different but if we can help in any way just ask .
So far I have usually EVENTUALLY found a way around some of the problems .
Thanks Johnnie. Not been to GP yet as hubby is having an ECG this week. We have been to the dementia clinic and I asked for the Rivastigmine, recommended by the doctor on Q & A session on dementia. Would not prescribe it without an ECG first and it has taken ages. I am trying to get that out of the way before we start on anything else. I dont know what I would have done without this website, its just so good to know that others have been ther before you and have got such good advice.
Yes Withy you are right . When members come oon and give their opinion you can pick out the things that apply to you .

My husband has gone through the ECG business and is waiting nw for the result of Angiogram . If it's not one thing it's the other ..

It's a lot to take on your shoulders isn't it ? Always something to worry and think about . But if you can at least get one of the night problems sorted it will make things eaier for you ..

Keep digging in , I think a lot of us get to the point when we wonder if we can keep on going , then we get up the next morning and get on with it .
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I am going through the same thing that is my husband exactly. We have tried everything the continence nurses have thrown at us and everything is taken off during the night even looked at vest like clothes that press stud under crotch not tried them but just feel he would rip off!! Anyone tried them out there?