Nighttime Worries!

Hello!, this is Cowboy101 who only joined your Forum on Sunday May the 20th. My
immediate question is a very basic one for which I would appreciate some basic
answers. My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson`s on Tuesday May the 8th. We have
become members of our local Parkinson`s Society and sent away for several books to give us as much information as possible about Parkinson`s as is possible.
One situation that is immediately worrying my wfe, and me too as a consequence, is
that during the night she is finding that she is having to empty her bladder far more than she used too, and what would she do, for example, if she froze, or found
herself unable to move, in the middle of the night?
It`s a fairly straight forward question, with what I hope is a fairly straight
forward answer!
Best Regards,
Please try not to worry as Parkinsons is usually a slow disease and life alters very slowly with lots of time to adjust.
12 years in we still go on holiday and go to the cinema and restaurants with small changes to manage things (eg a buggy for golf, careful timing of medication when going out, using a stick etc..)The nighttime piddling problem was addressed when it appeared with a portable urinal bottle from Boots,
kept at the side of the bed and emptied every morning.
Harder for a lady to use but comes in a ladies' version .
Boots staff in the pharmacy are lovely and can suggest answers to all sorts of dilemmas!
Take care and remember whatever the problem someone on the forum will have experienced it and can probably offer a solution.
Take care and chin up!
We had a dietician come to our pd education course last week. She said that one cause of night time frequency is NOT DRINKING ENOUGH. Apparently when the pee gets too concentrated it irritates the bladder and triggers the desire to go even if it's not full. His first experiment was perhaps a little over enthusiastic with a big drink just before bed so didn't work. Would be interested to here if anyone else had success with drinking more.
Hi I try to drink about 3 pints of water plus tea, coffee and juice. I try not to drink after 7pm and I have noticed that I only get up once a night or often not at all so maybe there s some truth in drink more, pee less at night.
My husband was having awful trouble with needing to pee at night . I read that it can be a reseult of fluid retention , which once you lay down goes back to the bladder hence the need . Once he went onto a diuretic he mah less trouble .