Nilotinib in the press

Very small sample size, but interesting to follow

why are people talking about safety aspects, surely this has already been tested in it's own trials, all we need to know is if it has any benefit for parkinson's. I think some just look for hurdles.

The biggest hurdle is the cost...around $10,000 a month.

Profits for drug companies have to come first alongside our other £860 billion  to bail the banks out.

Making life easier for PWP isn't going to get a look in.

Sinemet is dirt cheap. That'll do for us.

Is PDUK campaigning for better drugs such as Rytary to be made available?

Let's not rock the foundations...the 1% at the top it this monetary pyramid need our protection.



well , i thought cameron told the world that it needs to find cures for nuero diseases. So heres a chance to put their money where their mouths are. He is more interested in flirting with the chinese .

Another thing, if all the pwp were taking this drug then the price should come down. 2007 the FDA  approved this drug , not sure how long the patent lasts for, can't see it more than 10 years. So could be produced by other companies.