Nintendo switch

Anyone here used the Nintendo Switch yet, Specifically thinking about the Ring Fit adventure?

I love my Wii fit but I am slightly bored with the range of things available to me so I’m thinking about investing.

Hi Lanier

My hubby has pd & we have had ring for around 8 months. It’s motivating for us both & has a range of exercises you can follow. I help him sometimes to manage setting up various options (he’s had pd around 8 years). Have a look on YouTube which may help you see how different to wii. Feel free to ask any questions.



Thanks for your input, I’ve taken the plunge and ordered it, although goodness knows when there’s going to be stock anywhere

What games have you tried?

Hello Lainer

I reckon the best one is Mario and Sonic at the olympic games, good fun with lots activities. We did buy extra contollers although not mandetory. Must say that it took awhile to suss how to work the game, but we are late 60’s early 70’s & do struggle a bit!.(they dont give you particular instructions) Made me laugh when our sons have no trouble of course!!. Didnt want to be put off though.

Fitness boxing we werent to impressed with. Brain training not used too much, got more for Dave with PD and he struggles rather these days. I guess it depends on your stage in the PD journey as too what you can get out of them, the more you try the better. Good you have ordered it, hopefully wont take too long to get one. I will try to help if you have any other queries, my consultation fees are reasonable ha ha

Best wishes

@pudding52 I am exhausted!!

It arrived on Sunday, great excitement. I unpacked It, put it together, strapped the leg strap on put the other controller in the ring, turned on and found out I had to jog to a location and fight a monster to move on to next area fight a monster etc etc

Off I went jog jog jog…walk…limp… stall! I just could not move sufficiently enough to make it to the first location let alone start the game, doh!

The in-game coach congratulated me on a good job done after checking that I did really want to finish for the day after 2 minutes 35 seconds of effort (I could tell he was disappointed in me though)!!!

I’ve have tried it since and it’s really good, and with mini games in there you get to have a good practice if needed. There’s also a rhythm dance section where you get to repeat a set of exercises to music. I have much to explore on it yet.

I also tried Zumba game and would say unless you are a professional dancer or have the ability to pick up a new dance from seeing someone move at high speed in thirty seconds then it’s probably not for you!!

I’ll try the game you recommended and I’ll forward your consultation fee if I don’t end up in hospital

Kindest x

Hi Lanier,

So glad you have received it. I must admit your descriptions gave me such a giggle, could almost picture you! just what’s needed current times, thanks!

I must admit I have sometimes had to shout at the screen because I think it’s expecting too much but then it tells me I am awesome!. Your right there is so much to explore, I have been a bit lax lately, half expected it to tell me off!

Have fun, take care & let me know how you progress.

Best wishes