No Improvement


I have been taking Madapor since mid October 2014 and have noticed no difference whatsoever to the motor function in my arm or leg. The consultant was hopeful I would see some life return to the arm and the Parkinsons nurse I saw last month seemed baffled that I had seen no improvement at all from the medication. Has anyone on the forums experienced similar issues with meds or should I be questioning my diagnosis? I don't seem the consultant again until mid April so am hoping the good people here could share their experience with me. 



Hi David,

I would certainly expect some response to Levodopa (which is the active ingredient in Madopar and Sinemet).

You don't say what dose you are taking, maybe its too small. But if you genuinely have zero response to Madopar I would question the diagnosis. I've heard it said that a response to Levodopa is a symptom of what's called idiopathic (=regular) Parkinson's Disease.

So my conclusion is that either you need to increase the dose or maybe you have some other form of Parkinsonism. Either way I would push for an earlier meeting with the consultant.

Not reassuring, I'm afraid, but I would say if you don't see an initial response to a PD drug within one month, you need to start asking questions.



PS I was diagnosed in early 2012 and now take Madopar and Mirapexin CR.

Hi David,

there are a small number of people, who do not respond to levodopa medication or have a very poor response. If that is you you are extremely unlucky. I remember an article in the Parkinson magazine a while ago about someone for whom there was no real effective treatment. Are you on the same dose you started on or were you told to increase it after a while? The starting dose (the effective dose in the early stages) is considered to be 125 mgr. three times a day of either Madopar or Sinemet. Some people do benefit from a change from one drug to the other.I would certainly try to see the Parkinson nurse again and not suffer in silence until the next appointment with the consultant.

Good luck, Kate


Thank you both for the comments and advice. Ironically I received a call from my GP surgery today saying a new prescription was waiting to be picked up. It appears that the Parkinson's Nurse has spoken to the consultant ahead of my appointment in April and I have been changed from Madapor to Co-Careldopa. Fingers crossed this will make a difference.